Monday, July 19, 2010

The Food...the sports...the people!

Sean really loves Mexico! He loves the food, he loves the people and he loves their enthusiasm for sports, especially soccer. He said that their love for soccer is unsurpassed. It has been particularly fun being there during the World Cup. Even though the missionaries can't watch the games, they always know what is going on because the entire town is "a buzz" with soccer talk. They were heartbroken when Mexico was eliminated. Sean's zone played a lot of soccer on their p days. I'm not sure how well he plays, but the uniforms are awesome!
Sean LOVES the food in Mexico. The members take very good care of the missionaries and feed them well. He said in his last letter that he now weighed 160 pounds! (I think he weighed just under 140 when he left.) Here are some fun shots of some of Sean's favorite things!

I think this is Mexico's soccer jersey.

Uniforms for the zone
One of the only soccer fields that actually has grass!
P day...taking the bus
One of Sean's favorite meals...I can't remember what it's called
Now we know why he weighs 160!
This is his favorite meat for tacos!
Authentic tacos...yummy!

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  1. How does that sandwich fit in his mouth is what I'm wondering. :) Sean looks great!