Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 9, 2012

(I had to omit some of this letter that was personal, so this is the short version!)

Family... and all those who read this letter on the secret blog that mom put up that I didn't even know about until one of my friends wrote and told me! haha.   I am happy you did that mom.  But it is funny that my friends tell me how they already know how I am doing when the write me haha.

About the interview I had with the Mission President... it was sooooo special.  I had to renew my temple recommend and the interview was sooo incredible!  He really expressed how grateful he was for me and he also taught me some really good principles about staying active in the church.  I know that he loves me and every other missionary in this mission.  We really are like his kids.  It is so wonderful to be with him....intimidating but really cool! haha.  He just knows so much!  (I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a 70 one day. )  I love his dedication to the Lord and to his family.  I will never forget that interview with him!

Mom, I still haven't got the other package! I don't know where it is.... its sad but I am sure it will show up.  I did get  cards from Bob and BJ and Sue and Jeff and TANIA (that is how you spell her name right?) It was so cool because she wrote me in spanish!   I realize that i can practice my Spanish with her, so that will be great!
When is Jared coming home?

Well, we didn't have any baptisms last week but we are hoping to baptize 2 investigators this week and maybe another one other sister.   They all are sooo close but they  are very nervous!  I am confident that they will want to get baptized soon, if not this week! I'll talk about that next time.
I love you guys soooooo much! I cant wait to see you all!  Bye!

Love Elder Larson

January 2, 2012

This is a 'horse' we found... Really just a huge dog


How fast did that last week go! really! I ONLY HAVE 5 WEEKS LEFT! That is super weird for me. I dont know if I am excited or not! All I know is that the President expects a lot of me this last change.  He loves all the missionaries in our generation (like he does love all missionaries.)  And I just know that I have to work even harder right now because I want to end my mission really, really STRONG.  I remember when I was training  about a year ago, we were blessed to baptize every week for almost 2 months in a row.  I am hoping we can do that again.  We just need to change a bit and sacrifice even more and the blessings will be given to us.  We were suppose to have a baptism last sunday, but they left out of town.  It is the mother and daughter that I told you about. They are really cool and very excited.  I just love finding these "choosen" people here.  That is something Elder Johnson taught us, he told us there are so many choosen people that 2 years isnt enough to baptize them all. And I truely believe him and I know that Mexico is so ready, especially Santa Monica. I just have to trust the Lord more and have more faith in Him.  This is His work, not ours and I assume He wants ALL of his children to be find the truth...sadly I am not always the best working tool.  But I hope to change that this last change!  We are hoping to another lady this week... who is reading and going to church all ON HER OWN!  She is a choosen person and so prepared, but she is  scared of what her family will think  and not sure she wants to take the next step to baptism. I just keep praying for a miracle from the Lord so that he will soften her heart and calm her heart too so that she can make this decision.

Saturday for new Years  we got to eat with the other missionaries and their bishop again and we had awesome food!  GREAT HAM! just like home haha. We came home early at 8 and like we didnt have anything to do....sooo i showered and went to bed. I think that was the first time in my entire mission that I had like 9 hours of sleep! That was sweet!  but then the fireworks woke me up at l12:01  so I guess I celebrated.... I just said "feliz año nuevo" to my comp and went back to bed. hahaha. But that was it!   
I gotta go. I got a lot of work  to do this week!  Thanks for everything! I love you all!


Elder $ean Larson

His paw compared to mine!

Making sweet Krusteze pancakes!

Taking a shortcut by the stinkiest river ever!

Cool Christmas Tree that one of the sisters made.

Cool Star fruit

Monday, January 9, 2012

December 26, 2011

My Christmas scene!

We got to web chat with Sean on Christmas day and it was amazing!  It was so much fun.  We hooked the laptop up to the TV and we all sat in the family room and visited with him for an hour!  It was almost as if he were sitting down in the family room with us...almost! (We'll get to do that in just a few weeks.)
It was the highlight of Christmas!
Seeing he talked to us on Sunday, he didn't have much to write on Monday, so he just sent the following pictures....
Arcadia's baptism

Arcadia's baptism and confirmation

Taco's from my favorite stand...and ROOT BEER!

This cat was just sleeping in the trash...

My zone at night

Virgin Mary scene, they're on almost every corner here.

Decorating my Christmas Tree

Merry Chirstmas!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 18, 2011

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My dear Family!
 I first want to talk about the Christmas picture.  My favorite part is .... OUR DOG IS THERE! Its true! He really isn't dead! ( Not like how Bryan told me hahaha)  Ok, I can now sleep at night. JK.  But really I was happy to see him but even more happy to see all the family and my cute niece and nephews! Wow! That is sooo weird! Steele a real stud you know!  And the facial expression on Charles is perfect.  I can't wait to see you all again. O wait!  I will get to see you on Christmas!!! Whoooo! I want to see the snow too. We found a family that will let us use their laptop, so i will be able to use gmail video. They have a son that is in Colorado and they talk with him by web cam so they already know what it is like.  If there are problems I will call you and everything will be alright. I will try and get online about 11 30 (12 30 my time) ..... maybe around then ok!  But we are also planning on getting together this Sunday as missionaries and we are going to watch "Its a Wonderful Life"!  Cool huh!? At the last minute, our president said we could do it.  I really don't remember if i have seen the whole movie.... how sad right? But i am super excited to see it.  Now we just have to find it here in Mexico haha.  That could be a problem.

We are working hard and praying to find more people to teach and hoping that we can have a baptism this Christmas.  Please just pray for that! O yeah! I forgot to start off with the good news. WE HAD A BAPTIISM!  Her name is Arcadia  and she is the grandma of one of our investigators.   We taught her and she was so prepared to be baptized!  It was super cool! 

I had another great experience on Sunday!  You remember our convert, Gabriel...well received  the priesthood! whoooooo hoooooo. He was able to bless the sacrament Sunday, which was really special.  I loved it.  That is when you know that this work is true and really worth it!  I just love seeing new members progress in the church and gospel. It gives me great examples and pushes me to work even more!  I just love those experiences.  I can't wait to see the miracles that happen in this last week of the year!  I am so excited!  Thank you soooooooooo much for all your prayers and letters. They help me sooo much and I know that i have the best family ever!

Thank you all and I love you!
Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!

Elder $ean Larson