Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 12, 2011

Dear Family!
Well... i am going to start off with the Christmas call...I mean chat! haha Well, let's do it on christmas then. We have our services for one hour from 10 to 11 (i think that is 9 to 10 your time) then.... I hope that we will have a baptism after so maybe we won't finish until 12ish (11ish your time) I will plan on calling right after that hopefully. So plan getting online like at 11 or 11 30 your time. Hopefully, it will work out. If I can't use the video, I will call the house from here and then you guys can call me back me back on that same number. ok? I hope i make sense. That way I can talk to Blake before he has to go! cool!
Well, I guess some of you heard about the earthquake here in Mexico.  Good news is.. I AM ALIVE! haha  It was quite far away where the epicenter happened. But... never the less, I still felt it. It was kinda weird because that was the first time i have actually felt an earthquake.  It lasted quite a long while.  It shook the walls a little and the lights.  Basically everything was kinda waving around... not big and I wasn't scared but you could feel it for sure. So nothing happened here! but it must have been a descent size earthquake to get all the way here. But all is well!
 Remember I told you about the guy we are teaching, well he is progressing, but we will see... he is not too sure about baptism but he is thinking about it. He still hasn't gone to church, so after he goes he will get a better idea of what it is like and how he feels about it.  Hopefully that will get him excited. We are hoping that he goes to church with us this Sunday.  He is really cool, but it will be really hard if he does decide to be baptized because he will need to change some things. But it would be cool! 
We weren't able to baptize anyone this week, but we have someone with a baptismal date for this Sunday.  She is the grandma of another investigator and she just LOVES church.  We put down a date for this week. She just needs to get her interview and thats it!  Hopefully we will baptize her granddaughter too because she loves the gospel too.  She is working on some things,  but we hope that we can baptize them both this week . We are praying and fasting for them! 
Well I really don't have a whole lot more to write. I am so grateful for all the letters you guys send!  I love them and of course, I read every single one... but  I don't have a lot of time to respond to them. I'm so sorry!!  I love all of you sooooo much! I cant wait to SEE you again on Christmas!  It sure will be a special one!  THANKS SOOOO MUCH!
Elder Sean Larson
p.s. Mom, did you get your letter from me?

December 5, 2011

We ran into one of our recent converts Arturo...he is such a great guy!

Dear family!

Wow! Thanks for the update and pictures of the wind storm.  I can't believe what happened in bountiful! I didnt think winds like that happen there!  That was really crazy to see all the damage that happened. I have never seen any thing like that .  It's so cool how all of Bountiful pitched in to help out! Awesome!  I can't really imagine it. Dad, you can count on me helping you witht the fence when i get home!   I have to admit,  I was soooooo worried for the Christmas train. What a mess it would be if we lost it..... that is the Larson family treasure! ( Aren't you famous for that haha. ) It's good to hear that all you guys are fine!  Another sad thing i noticed in the pics is that.... there isn't any snow on the ground! NOOOOO!  haha.  I know sometimes it is like that, but there had better be snow when I get home or even better... it should be snowing! Thanks for the update and the pictures.  I am glad everyone is alright.

Well we had a really cool week this last week.  We had a Mission Conference with the President Johnson who is a 70 and the area Pres. in Mexico.  It was really neat! It was cool how he taught us... he basically took an hour just asking us questions about some scriptures we read about the doctirine of Christ.  He would simply respond and the ask another question according to what we asked. It was really cool because  the spirit was teaching us more than just him teaching us.  He made us think and ponder about a lot of things and he taught us some new things that we can do and apply in the mission. So i am really excited to apply everything he taught us.  It is weird but i just completed 22 months in the mission and that means I only have 2 months left.   I am excited to apply everything I have learned from these last 22 months and all the new things that Pres. Johnson taught us.  I am super scared  to come home but  I am just going to continue to work hard...and then Feb. 8th is when I will worry about that. But i realize that the Lord expects a lot from us.  After the mission i will continue working hard and serving  in the church  because I love it and I know it is what the Lord wants us to do. 
Umm...before i forget. We are able to use skype or google video for our Christmas call.  I can do it either the 24th or 25th.  I know that Blake has to work Sunday so i am trying to figure it out what we can do. I know that our ward here is only going to have the sacrament service and I am pretty sure it will be in the morning. I am also hoping that we will have a baptism that day... and then I will truly have a white Christmas ! So the call would be after the services and then i think we can  skyp for an hour.  We will eat after that.  Just tell me what ever you guys think...  if it's on the 24th,  I am pretty sure i can call at night or in the afternoon. But you guys tell me what ever you can do and I will do it one of those 2 days.  ok!? 

We are working hard and teaching, but it is a tough area!  We are working with one young man, but he has a lot of questions and concerns. There are things in his life that he doesn't know if he can change.  So we will see what happens there. We are still looking for a special family like the family Mondragon Family. I just want to have an amaizing month in December!  We will keep on working, praying and looking!

Thanks soooo much for writting me! I cant wait to talk to you and SEE you on Christmas! Let me know how things follow up after this great wind mess. THANKS AND I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!  


Elder $ean Larson

This is Luis...he is amazing

Luis with Sergio and Gina...they are so cool

It's Sergio's birthday

November 28, 2011

Thanks for the pics!  Whoa! I don't know why... but it is weird to see Greg at home haha. But I am soo happy for him.  He is such a great friend and a great example to me.   I can't wait to see him too!  Man!  Home is going to be different I think, but in a good way.  Just with a new vision i guess.
Soooooo.... WE had a baptism!  Luis Angel was baptized yesterday and it was really neat.  So we are so happy for him. He loves studying! He studies with just the Book of Mormon and the index in the back.  When he found out that we have 2 other books and he really wanted them, so we bought  a triple for him. I know he will be  excited to see that. We are so happy! Missionaries always say that December is the hardest month because everyone goes out of town and stuff, but we are going to change that now!  The mission doesn't want to be tricked out by that.  It is Satan that is saying that. So instead, we are going to see lots of miracles!
IT GOT SOOOO COLD! I really thought of Utah yesterday. It just got cold, but no snow. Good thing I bought that coat!  Hey, cool fact about my area.  There is an old mansion here called "Ex hacienda de Santa Monica" and  they filmed part of Zorro there and Phantom! cool huh! 
I am also learning about some different religions here, like the muslims, which are really interesting and I certainly respect them a lot more.   i also have learned a little about another religion called "Kabala",  They only believe in the old testiement and they believe that Christ.  We are teaching one this week so... we will see how that goes. 
We have been helping a lot of people here recently....service. I love service...even though we don't teach, we've been able to  help peoplemove furniture and stuff.   It's really great to serve and it definitely makes you feel good .  I  know that  it can be more important than teaching a lesson, so it is cool. There was also a couple that didn't have anything to eat because they both lost their jobs. We usually aren't suppose to do this, but we decided to buy them some food that they really needed.  It was really really cool.  I love helping others and I am hoping when I get home, that I can find a  job that serves others because it is the BEST and most satisfying thing. 
I gotta go! I love the mission! i love all of you! 
Elder S Larson

November 21, 200

My old zone

Dearest Family,
This week went by really quick actually! I cant believe the success we were blessed to have this last week. It was pretty cool. We weren't able to baptize but we really taught a lot of lessons and contacted a lot of people.... and we are going for more!  We have been having some cool lessons. The people that went to church the last week are going great and we invited them all to be baptized....and they all accepted! Really, some of them asked some of the coolest questions like "If i were to get baptized tomorrow, what do i need to do?" and then we asked the young girl that is 17, if she had any questions and she said "Ya.... how can I join the church?" haha! cool! Those are the coolest questions ever!  We are excited to see what happens this week.  Of course, it is not without it's challenges... we have to help some on our investigators stop smoking or to get married!  But  I  am hoping we will have one baptism this week.  We are teaching a man and he just loves church! He even  came to church with a suit on!  I dont think I told you guys but we have a Seventy  in our ward and he taught the class the sunday when our investigator was there.  He kept on saying "You, brother already look like a member! What are you wating for!?" haha!  He is awesome, but we rarely see him because he travels a lot.  He was a mission president before, so he knows what its like!! .
Well Blake, Happy Birthday! You should get your letter soon! I hope you will share your toys with me when i get home!! :D
About the christmas package... I dont know really know what to tell you to send.   i mean, i will be home in just a little bit. Maybe  some vanilla Waffers and Easy mac would be great! and  of course....STARBURST! haha. Thanks
I better go. I love you guys sooo much and thanks for writting me! HAVE FUN!
Elder Sean Larson
 With Elder Pacheco... saying goodbye

Elder Pacheco

My new companion, Elder Salcedo

Sister Dzib

November 14, 2011

Dearest family ever,
Today were the transfers for the mission and it looks like i am..... going to train again!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am soooo excited.  A lot of our generation is going to train and we are all super happy!  That probably means that I will stay here in Santa Monica till my release!  Which is fine with me! I know it is a hard area but i know that we  will just continue to see more miracles and learn a lot more from my new comp.  O ya,  I still dont know who is my comp. Right now I am with Elder Wagstaff (my old comp that I love)  and then we will be going back up to the offices tomorrow to pick up our kids. I do know that my comp is a new Mexican missionary that is waiting for his visa to go to Argentina.  So we arent too sure how long he will be with me. But I am thinking he will be with me till February.  Well, almost sure. haha  But I am super excited! When someone trains or gets called to a leadership position in the mission, the mission president always calls to personally let us know so when the president called me on Saturday I was so  excited.  I knew immediately that he was going to tell me that I was going to train! He also told me that he was really happy with the work we have done here that he wants me to stay!  So I am super happy and this just means that i have to work EVEN HARDER!  This whole zone is a zone of miracles. It is sooo cool!  I think that is why I am happy to be here again.  It is crazy because when you train, you know you will be there for at least 2 transfers... so i can now see my future.... MY LAST 2 CHANGES! It really is sooooo weird and so scary. i dont know what to think.  But i know i will learn alot!
I learned so much from Elder Pacheco. He taught me how to really love people and how to teach them so they can feel the spirit.  (I just tell them "get baptized!" haha jk!!!)  But he really did help me  to be more humble.  It was a great time with him and now I have a friend by Cancun!  He was sent to Toluca which is a really cool place and... really really cold now. He will do good! I cant wait to hear the success he has there. 
By the way.... are you guys still thinking about going to mexico for a family trip? haha Just wondering. It sort of stinks to know the date I will be going home! I am just going to cry!  i am really going to miss this mission!! and then I will probably cry some more when i see you guys haha.  I am going to make the most of my time here and work to the end...all the way to the airport I will be teaching and preaching!
We had a lesson with our convert Gabriel the other day and it was sooooo cool!  He said he wanted to come with us to teach someone. We weren't really sure what he would say so we practiced it once with him and he nailed it!  He gave the coolest testimony and then he invited the investigator to work on some things! He is sooo cool! That is when you really start seeing success in the mission... when you feel the spirit as your convert shares his testimony.  its the BEST! I love that family and cant wait to see what other blessing they receive!
I better go now.  I think i will be buying a suit here i am just going to check how much they are?  My suit has gotten pretty beat up haha. I love you guys sooooo much and i love your emails!  Blake I got your bday letter.  i am sending it tomorrow and mom I am now starting yours!  Sorry, if it gets to you late! I love you all and can't wait to see what miracles we will have!  Thanks!
Elder Sean Larson
p.s. ok I really have been wondering, but answer me honestly.... is our little dog dead? I would rather know now than come home and find out. Please don't worry.... i just want to know.

Monday, December 12, 2011

November 7, 2011

Pyramid at Templo Mayor


 Wow! sorry I just realized it took a long time to send those pictures so now I will try and update you with everything.  Not a whole lot has happened this week.  We realized that we weren't going to be able to baptize this week so we focused  on inviting people to church.  It was nuts. This whole week we couldn't get anybody to say "si" (yes) to go to church. It was tough.  Then finally on Saturday we found 3 people to go!  Whoooo! Thank you Lord!  It was cool.

We went to the city center again (that is all the pictures i just sent.)  We decided to go the museum because it is usually closed. It was super cool! I love the history here in Mexico. I have a lot more pictures  but I cant send everything. It was  neat to see all the ancient stuff. It makes me want to know more about Mexico and the history here!  (by the way are we still planning on going to Mexico!!!! haha)

Mom, I got the package. Thank you sooooo much. The missionaries here say thanks for the rings!  I really  love you. You do so much for me and others! AND I LOVE THE VANILLA WAFERS! They are soooooooo good. :D So thanks!

DAD! There is a member here in the stake that OWNS a suit factory and he can get me a suit for a great price! I was thinking... should I buy one here and bring it home? How much is a good suit or what is a good price?  He didn't give me a price but he said... "barato" or cheap haha. Please let me know.
So.. I have now decided that it is legal to listen to Christmas music NOW! We're past Halloween so it's time.  So I'm rocking the Mo tab Christmas now. 

I loved the pic of Charles!  I can't believe how the family is growing..... I do think he looks different than Steele but I am sure he will be just as handsome.  (That's kinda weird.. that a Larson boy looks handsome haha)  And I couldnt believe the pic of Tess trick or treating!  Wow! She seems really big now.  It was also weird to see  SNOW! I really hope it's just storming with white snow when I get back! I really want a lot! I am sure it will happen!

Well I gotta go! Transfers are next week and I am not sure what will happen. There is a small chance that I will train again, but unlikely because there are only 5 new missionaries and there are a lot of missionaries from my generation that haven't trained yet. So we will see.  But I will sure miss Pacheco. I'm pretty sure we will get separated but  i know he will be great in the mission. I  hope I was able to teach him what he needs to know...and that  he will become a "new and improved mini Larson" haha!  Thanks for everything!  I love you all sooooo much!

Love Elder $ean Larson

These are the remains of the pyramid

Cool engravings on the rocks

Me with a bunch of skulls

Knives they used for sacrifices

Model of the pyramid

Me with some statues

This is the cool rock that the myth (below) is about.

HUGE carved rock...I took this from the 3rd floor

Main street in town on Day of the Dead
Myth about a cool rock here

November 1, 2011

New coat! (I didn't bring a heavy coat here!)

Dear growing Larson family,
Haha. Man. YESSSSS! I am an uncle again! Whooo! But Bry and Bre, why didnt you name him Charles Sean Larson? That sounds sooooo much cooler! O well. We will put it on the next one dont worry. :D
Seriously I am so happy to here how much the family is growing.  I pretty sure at least every month I have been in the mission I have heard that there is a new baby in the family! haha. It's sooo nuts!  It's going to be so cool meeting them all.  Bry and Bre are going to have another family of pure priesthood!  Cool!  I have to admit...that does make me a little trunky.... haha no not too bad but i just cant wait to see everyone again.
I am so glad to hear that Greg is doing so good and how much he has grown on his mission. The mission really has changed me too, and I cant even imagine how much it will change all of us as friends.  It's going to be so cool.  I am still scared to stand up in front of our ward and talk haha! but hey I am not going to think about that because I still have mission time left!!  Tell Greg hi for sure!
I am sooooo happy for the Mondragon Family. They are doing sooooooo great.  We just had the Primary Program here! It was awesome! But what really touched me was when we saw our "little converts" up there and they did soooo well! They only have one month in the Church and yet they memorized their scriptures and sang all the hymns!  Other families in the ward were amazed too...they told us "my son has more than 6 years in the church and he couldn't do as well as those little girls!" It was funny.  Their parents, of course, were super proud and  we all felt the spirit soooo strongly.  We even had one family that brought a lot of their extended family members  that are not LDS... And they brought some friends!  There were a lot! We got to teach them in the Gospel Principles class, so that was really cool. Unfortunately, hardly any of them live in our ward boundaries so we won't be be able to work with them.. but we were able to help the Lord in his work. We are planning to go to one of the investigator this week, so hopefully she will like our  message!
Oh yeah, Gabriel, now has a new job  and is doing awesome!  The other day we decided to drop by their house and we walked in and saw him reading the Book of Mormon!   It was so cool to seem him reading!  It felt great!  I know they are going to receive sooooo many blessings!
O ya, just so you know, I  bought a new coat the other day because it's starting to get colder! Next transfers I don't know if i will get sent to a colder part of the mission or not. Besides i liked it and  I figured I will bring it home to use in the winter.  (It will be an adjustment, getting us to cold weather again!)
We are going to the center again today because they changed our pday from yesterday to today. We are going to be able to go to the museums this time so i will be sure to take more pictures!  Well until next week! I love you all sooooooo much!

One of the posters in the dentists office

My comp went to the dentist. This is perfect dentist picture!!! (look at his eyes)

Other pictures in the dentist's office!n haha!