Monday, February 1, 2010

Last to Leave

Arriving at the MTC
Somehow, 19 years ago, this day seemed like it would never come...but it has! And it has come much to fast! Sean left for the MTC on Wednesday, February 3rd. It has never been easy to send any of my sons on missions but sending the last one seems even harder. When Bryan and Blake left on their missions I still had other children at home but Sean is the 'last to leave." Now the house is eerily quiet. Who ever thought I would miss the sound of the X Box blaring, or the sound of tone deaf teenage boys playing Rock Band? Who ever thought I would miss doing laundry, picking up dirty clothes, and waiting up till all hours of the night?

As much as I will miss Sean...I look forward to the growth and opportunities he will have on his mission. There will be blessings and challenges he could not experience anywhere else, I hope to capture some of those here. So Adios Elder Larson...we'll miss you more than you can imagine, but we know you are needed in Mexico!
Blake and Sean

Don't's his sister in law!
"You'll have to be the man of the house now dad!"Sean and Mom"Yes! He's on his way!"

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