Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 16, 2012

Me and Bart (he's a pinata!)

Larson Family!

What a week.... and a really fast one too! And now....I only  have 3 more left. I have to admit, it hasnt really hit me that i am going home soon... but... it's starting to hit me now. Oh man....  dont get me wrong, I am super excited, but it is also just sad!  But what can you do.  I know that I will love this last 3 weeks, I just hope we can work hard and see some success .  We are starting to see little bit more success and maybe we will have a few more baptisms coming up.  Thank you so much for  or all your prayers. I know that everyone of them helped. But can i still ask that you can pray for  ME. I need to humble myself.  I really need to  try and focus on how i can help in all of this.  

We are planning a baptism today at 7 for one of our sister investigators ....Whooooo Hooo! POR FIN!  But  the daughter isn't sure if she wants to get baptized. She is totally ready and has recieved an answer to her prayers, now she just needs to take the leap of faith.  We told her to bring her stuff to the baptism so that IF she feels the spirit she can get baptized too.  We'll see... We are planning another baptism for Sunday too a wonderful man we found.  He is really nice and has had the biggest desire to join the church and stop smoking! We will see how he does this week and maybe he can be baptized soon! whoo!  so I will let you know. 

PLUS! I finally got your Christmas package the other day! whoooooo!  It was great and I was super happy to get the presents! My comp was happy too.  I especially  loved everyones letters. Mom, I dont think I got your letter and I cant open it here. So if you can send it again but from word  this time ok. Thanks soooo much family!  Those are really special to me.  Well I'd better go, but I love all your letters and thanks so much for your support and you all are in my prayers!  
Elder Sean Larson

This is a dog that I love named Neurca
A special bread they make for 3 Kings Day

They put a little plastic toy in it, and if you get the bread
with the toy in buy tamales for everyone!

Elder Salcedo and me with Rosa Maria's family.

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