Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 9, 2012

(I had to omit some of this letter that was personal, so this is the short version!)

Family... and all those who read this letter on the secret blog that mom put up that I didn't even know about until one of my friends wrote and told me! haha.   I am happy you did that mom.  But it is funny that my friends tell me how they already know how I am doing when the write me haha.

About the interview I had with the Mission President... it was sooooo special.  I had to renew my temple recommend and the interview was sooo incredible!  He really expressed how grateful he was for me and he also taught me some really good principles about staying active in the church.  I know that he loves me and every other missionary in this mission.  We really are like his kids.  It is so wonderful to be with him....intimidating but really cool! haha.  He just knows so much!  (I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a 70 one day. )  I love his dedication to the Lord and to his family.  I will never forget that interview with him!

Mom, I still haven't got the other package! I don't know where it is.... its sad but I am sure it will show up.  I did get  cards from Bob and BJ and Sue and Jeff and TANIA (that is how you spell her name right?) It was so cool because she wrote me in spanish!   I realize that i can practice my Spanish with her, so that will be great!
When is Jared coming home?

Well, we didn't have any baptisms last week but we are hoping to baptize 2 investigators this week and maybe another one other sister.   They all are sooo close but they  are very nervous!  I am confident that they will want to get baptized soon, if not this week! I'll talk about that next time.
I love you guys soooooo much! I cant wait to see you all!  Bye!

Love Elder Larson

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