Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Bears

With heavy hearts we dropped Sean off at the MTC. It's a heart wrenching day, at best. Feeling pretty blue we walked into our home and there to greet us was our own Mexican Missionary Bear! My dear friend Tammy had gone to "Build A Bear" and made me my own missionary bear! (She also made one for herself because Jared left on his mission the following week.) When I squeezed the bear's hand, we heard Sean's voice saying..."I love you mom and dad, see you soon!" Steele and I just broke down and cried ...but my little "Mexican Missionary Bear" is my favorite thing!

I felt so sad as I started to think about all the places and trips Sean would miss in the next two years, but then I realized... this "Sean" could come! So for the next 2 years Tammy and I are going to take our bears all the places that boys would go if they were here and then document them all! Just thinking about the plethora of places we could take him made me smile. Now that Tammy's on board and we are taking our bears everywhere! (Much to Steele's dismay.) People look at us like we are crazy...but what else is new? At the end of two years we're going to put the pictures together in a book and give it to the boys. I know they will get a good laugh from it, but not near as many laughs as it will bring us along the way! So here's just a few of the early shots of Elder Larson and Elder Fadel...don't be surprised if one day they end up on your doorstep!
Elder Larson and Elder Fadel, along for the ride
The boys and the bears!Golfing with momPicking up their favorite...Mo Bettah

A day at the races!


  1. Hello, do you happen to know where I could get a missionary outfit for my build-a-bear as well? I have looked everywhere and I still can't seem to find one. :(

    1. Hi Ilena,
      They have quit making the Missionary outfit for the bears! I just bought a bear for a friend and I found an outfit that had black pants, a vest, a white shirt and a tie. Then I went to Desseret Book and found a little "Future Missionary" name tag. I couldn't find a little Book of Mormon, but he still looked like a Missionary! The girl that helped me told me to write the company and request that they bring the "missionary bear" back . She didn't know why they quit making it....
      Good luck!

  2. Aw darn it. :(
    Well thank you anyway!