Friday, June 25, 2010

MTC Tie Exchange

As you know, ties are a missionary mainstay. Missionaries usually leave home with about 10 to 12 conservative ties, but during the course of their two year service they rarely come home with the ties they left with. They pick up some at local thrift stores, they exchange some with other missionaries or they have a contest to see who can send the most outrageous ties from home. That's what Sean and Jared did. While in the MTC they asked their families to shop at DI and send them their favorite pick. Here's some of the entries from our family.

Jon gave Sean his favorite tie from his mission. (We've always questioned Jon's taste!)
Chelsea's entry...a clip on tie with pirate skulls.

Nick' can't see it, but it's a book shelf with the books of the New Testament on it!
Steele's - "007" and Bry's is the Lord's Prayer in Spanish!
Bre made the perfect t-shirt tie to wear on p-day!
This is the tie that Sean made Steele in Primary when he was 10 years old.
Blake and I forgot to get pictures of our tie entries. Blakes was a cool "Beatles" tie, and I picked out an assortment of holiday ties, including a Disney Christmas Tie. We had a lot of fun picking these out and sending them to Sean. I wish we could have been there to see his face when he opened them.

These are the ties that Sean and Jared exchanged before leaving the MTC!

It will be fun to see what he picks up in Mexico and what he comes home with!

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  1. Hey Nanc, I will not be offended you spelled my name wrong :) I appreciate the reminder to add Sean's blog!