Saturday, September 11, 2010

A New President and Transfers

Pres. Villarreal is great! I had an interview with him and I know he is going to be great.  He told me there are going to be changes in the mission, actually I think in all the missions! Missionaries are going to be taught 8 lessons so that they can be better teachers.  It's for the missionaries and its not for the investigators.  I am really excited because I need help with that. Then eventually one random day, our President will knock our door and go to work with us that day! Cool huh! I am excited.  I also think it will help kick some of the elders into gear to work again.  I am excited and that means more hard work.  So that will good for me and everyone else.
Sean and Elder Hernandez (Sean's trainer)
Sean's new Area
Sean's new companion, Elder Javier.
The streets of Morelos after the rain
Flooding in the streets
Morelos at night
I love this mission and I love you all so much! I miss you tons... but love you more! I am right where I   want and need to be, here in Mexico, preaching the gospel.! Thank you for your support and prayers and letters. I love you all! PEACE!

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