Monday, November 1, 2010

Catching up

Elder Rodriguez, investigators and Sean at the visitors center.

Despite my efforts, I haven't been very good about updating Sean's Mission Blog...mine either for that matter!  So here's some updates on Elder Larson!
Sean on the rooftop of his apartment
View of the hill Sean lives on
The prison below Sean's apartment
Sean displaying his WWF belt that he won at the ward party
Visiting with members who own the "glasses" store
Sean modeling the candy lei made by the YW
Elder Javier,  Luis (ward memeber) and Sean
Elder Javier in front of the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!
Sean and Monzon family
Sean and Laura. She cuts the missionaries hair
Temple in Mexico City
Visitors Center with Elizabeth, Mario and family
"Changes" and new companion Elder Rodriguez
 Oct. 11 2010
"Another other quick week here in Morelos.  This change is going by super fast.  it is pretty crazy!  I think it is because we are focusing on the work more.  I have to say sometimes we still dont have a lot of success but its much better to work than not to. the days are just long sometimes but then once the week finishes we are always amazed.  I dont know if it is a good thing or bad thing then haha.  I am really grateful for my comp, Rodriguez.  He knows a lot of stuff and helps me a lot.  There are still so many things i dont know and that i am still learning.  And i think that is why he is with me.  When i dont know how to answer a question that someone asks (not because of spanish, i just dont know haha) He is always there for me to back me up and sometimes we both dont know and that is when we tell them, we will study up on that and check with them in the next appointment.  Thats really cool too because that is when we study as a companionship and learn so many other new things." 
Ward Members art for "Day of the Dead"
Eating with ward members
Preparing dinner
Cooking tortillas
 Sean has been serving in Morelos for the last 3 months.  Transfers are this week, so he's not sure what will happen then.  He has love this area and many of the people he has met there.  He has had the opportunity to teach some wonderful investigators and to baptize them.  (I'll share baptisms on my next post)  This has been such a great experience for him and despite the hard work and sometimes disappointment, he absolutely LOVES being a missionary!  We love seeing the spiritual and cultural growth in him!  We look forward to his next letter.  I'll try and be better about keeping up!

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