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Updates...a little at a time

Mexico City Temple
Sean in front of the Temple

Missionary Training Center in Mexico

Goofing around in the glasses store

October 18, 2010
Ok family,
I dont have a whole lot of time because I was writing to the president and then the newsletter and now you guys! Plus the computers won't read my memory card for some reason.  Well first some great news!  We finally have a baptismal date for the Reyes Casas Family! WHOOO! Por fin!! It is this saturday at 11 am.  I am super excited and wow was it a great experience when we asked them to get baptize.  First we asked them if they ever prayed about our message or why we are here and before we finished the sentance Nadia, the daughter that goes to the school of the church, said "yes! i have! and well".... (then she got really teary) and then said, " I want to be baptized!" and she just cried and cried. It was amazing! The spirit was sooooo strong!  The other members of the family said "yes" too...but not like Nadia! It was just so great and I am super excited! You will definetly get pics from that!" 

October 25, 2010
"Last week we invited the family Reyes Casas to get baptized.  They said they wanted to wait till the next saturday because they wanted to talk as a family and all. So that was all good.  When we went to their house this last Wednesday to get the interviews all done with our district leader,  we were very excited, so we talked a little bit about the baptism and the the dad, Hector told us that they just weren't ready yet for the baptism.  NOOOOOOO!!! (dont worry this is a good story) They just said that they weren't really really sure. So we talked and taught all about baptism telling them that sometimes they really are ready and they  just need to trust the Lord.  But they still said "no".  Luckily, Nadie who goes to the Benemerito school, said she still wanted to be baptized.  She was sure!!!  Her parents said that it was fine if she wanted to get baptized.  So we planned the baptism for her only.  (Which was  great but we really wanted to baptize the whole family together!)  So on the Sunday before the baptism,  Rodriguez and I decided to fast and pray for them and that everything would go well.  I guess I started doubting a little cuz now we just were baptising  Nadie, but thats  really ok! I kept telling myself that there still might be a chance.  Saturday finally came and we were getting the baptismal font ready.  We thought 2 hours would be fine to fill up the baptismal font but we were wrong!! So we used buckets of water to help fill up too because we didn't have any more time to wait.  (As you can see from the photos i sent)  We finally got it filled and the family came all excited for their sisters baptism.   Elder Rodriguez decided to invite our district leader to the baptism just in case the kids wanted to get baptized, but we really weren't sure.  So we were doing some final adjustments and suddenly the Nadia's 3 brohers  came to us and said.. "Um elders, can we get baptized too?"  WHOOOOO! "OF COURSE!" haha so we had our district leader do their interviews and "luckily" we brought some extra clothes for the baptism.  Wow.  Neither us nor the members had talked to the kids, they just came and really had the desire to get baptized. i think they could feel the spirit so strong at this moment and they really had the desire to do it.  how cool!  so we got them ready and the baptism we had planned for 1 came out to be 4! cool huh!? 
The Reyes Cases Family
Hecto, Nadia, Vladamir, and Armando
"Nadie, Hector, Vladamir, and Armando, oldest to youngest, all got baptized and they also were confirmed yesterday in church! wow! i realized that our fast and prayer really did work.  At the very last moment, our prayers answered!  How amazing is our Father in Heaven! I love these experiences! This is what the mission is all about!!  Everyone said they felt the spirit so strong with this baptism.  This is such a great work and I am so happy for the faith that we had and the success that the Lord gave us.  We are still hoping that the parents decide to get baptized, but they are having some economic  problems within the relationship and we are working on that.We are hoping that sometime this week we might be able to  baptize them.  I  just need to exercise more faith again! Wow. This experience has really boosted me and my testimony of this mission."

Ready to be baptized

Sean's zone in Morelos

Youth in the ward

Felipe and family.  (They own the Glasses store.)

Ward member, Elder Rodriguez and Sean

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