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November 8, 2010

My dear dear family,

Yup! i got transfers! ( i realize i normally say changes and stuff because thats what it is in Spanish, and i forgot they are called "transfers" in english. haha sorry, have patience with me.)  Anyways! i  said my good byes to Morelos and went to Tejupilco!  Thats right! It's the the LARGEST area in the mission! haha! Well at least they say so and it's incredibly far away from everything!  4 and half hours from my old area.(by bus)  Crazy huh! Basically i am out of Distrito Federal and now am offically in the State of Mexico.  it's really cool here.  A lot different and a lot bigger!  This area is  far away from our zone so  every week now when we get together as a zone for the meetings and all, we take a bus that is 2 and half hours away! Crazy huh!  But that's fine.  it really is so much more beautiful here!  Not so many buildings and more hills and trees.  Really neat. The people here are great.  Basically the people are the same but they have a different accent here. it's kinda funny. i don't know how to describe it but it's a different tone when they aks questions. i don't  know if I really like it but I have a feeling i will pick it up while i am working here. There isn't anything t like a Walmart or Mcdonalds here because it's just far away  and there aren't a ton of people, but there are stores and cars and all that.   So don't think i am in some old Mexican town like Nacho Libre. haha! It's different thats for sure, it's more of the true Mexican culture here food and all.  The food is good and sometimes  different but its all good!  Lot's of places to eat tacos so I am happy! Another change for me is that we work in a branch here! Yes a branch not a ward.  There are like 35 active members and a lot of inactive members, so we have some work to do. but they are great people, really nice.  Since it's a branch, we don't have a church, we have a house that the church rents and its called a prayer house and the baptismal font iis outside in this little cube thing. i will have to take a picture of it.  But it is neat none the less.

O ya! I am with my new Comp Elder Sanchez.  He is from tabasco and really awesome! he loves to work diligently throughout all the day.  so we do!  He has been in the mission for like 6 months, so he still has that greeny spirit to work, which is great because sometimes I get a little  tired when we don't have success but he is there to push me!  it's really awesome!!  This week we have been really obedient and focusing on that,  which is great because we get more blessings from our obedience and I need that, especially this change becuase guess what!?!?! When my zone leader told me my transfers last week he told me that I was going to be called to be a district leader.  AHHHH! o man, i don't feel ready for that but its really exciting. And...Sanchez told me something really cool which is,  I dont have to be absolutely ready or perfect to be a leader.  It is just like our investigators, they don't need to know everything and be perfect before they are baptized. :) It's true!  We all learn as we go!  So  thanks  Elder Sanchez. I am really working on being most obedient and learning more as a missionary.

i have to say it was super hard to say goodbye to everyone in Morelos. There were so many great families there that were so dear to me.  Some families wrote me  notes and stuff, which is so super nice!  I love that area and I am going to miss it.  But that is part of missionary work! I really want to return to my misson  after I'm done.  I want to visit some of the people here.  I know I will...

I love you all soooooooo much! Thanks for your prayers and for remembering me!  I cant wait to hear from you next time! BYE!

Elder $ean Larson

p.s. i finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish! YAHOOO!

Sean's new companion...Elder Sanchez

View of Tejupilco 

View of Sean's Apartment

Elder Sanchez at the apartment

No churches...this is the "prayer house."

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