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December 20, 2010

Querida Familia,
Wow.  Finally one week has gone by.  I cant believe all of the new things happening to me right now.  It' great being a DL and all but sometimes it's frustrating and there is a lot more  responsibility.  We have 2 other missionaries living in our house because they don't have a house in their area yet and it's fun...... but sometimes it's harder to be obedient and be an example to them.  Then I am training my son in the mission and thats going good. He is really a good missionary  and we get along really well. I guess you  could say he is American because he was born in Riverside California he has lived in Mexico most of his life. He knows english too. 
This area is cool. Small with a whole bunch of apartment buildings, so we dont knock alot because sometimes we can't even get in... but we sure do contact people a lot!  Our goal is to contact 140 people every week so we get some investigators going but man. nobody is in the house or they don't want to listen. This week we had very little success, but thats ok.  I also had to do 3 interviews for baptisms  for an elder in my district.  I was a little scared but really, it's pretty simple.  You just talk to them and try and get them get excited for baptism.    It's good,  but it does take a lot of our work time to do those.  So we have a lot of hard work right now.  We don't know any members or where they live. Plus many are gone on vacations and we need to work with them to get more references.
Before I forget. I got the other package. whoooooo.. I opened one! Thanks for the stockings and awesome snow flakes and hofs hut stuff! That was awesome. Thanks for the other stocking for my "kid" because he doesn't have anything for Christmas.  Your snow flakes were very well made, especially the square from chelsea hahaha. But they were really cool.  I am planning on calling you guys Christmas morning! I think around 10 to 12. We are going to have breakfast with the President and his family this week with all of the zone but not sure when.  

So we have a lot of work to do here.  Our house, truthfully sucks. haha It's so dirty!! We are going to clean it next Monday.  I will take before and after pics.  The good thing is we have a washer in the house and....... drum roll........ a DRYER. That is so rare here. We don't need to hang clothes now! Whooooo!  Mom... don't worry, but its a lot more dangerous here. Sometimes I don't wear my watch or ring at night and we walk only in certain areas.  But ... its all good! We are protected by angels here!
I gotta go!  I cant wait to talk to you next SATURDAY THE 25TH OF DEC. somewhere around 10 to 12.  I love you all! I hope you have an awesome Christmas. Dont worry about me, I will try and have a "white" christmas with baptisms this week! :D I love you all!  You are all so amazing!
Elder $ean Larson

November 16, 2010

Dear Family,

OK first mom Yes I got your package! Thank you so much! SO MANY TREATS! Thanks for the music and cd player. We are a lot happier now.   I forgot my camera to send more pics, sorry. But thanks for all the pics you sent me. I LOVED THEM ALL!  I am just "dander" here in Tejupilco.  You pronounce Tejupilco like tei-hoo-pill-co. It's great! When i said this area was big.... I really ment it. We mainly work in this city, Tejupilco, but there are other citys or towns  that are 30 to 45 mins away, so it's he huge. Last week we had a baptism.  Easy right... No! He has been listening to the missionaries for some time now and finally decided to get baptized Cool huh?

 Oh and another cool thing is that the zone leaders said if we complete our goals for this change.... we will go PAINT-BALLING! Really! We have permission so I hope we can because that would be sooooo awesome! (But more importantly is the souls that are saved from message.).... and how many people we shoot in paintball hahaha. It would just be way fun.

Like I said before, this area is big and  far away from everyone.  If we go to the stake center for our meetings with the zone, it takes 2 and half hours to get there.  The president didn't want us to waste that much time  to travel there, so he told us  last Monday to stay here and work in Tejupilco. There is a chance for these 6 weeks we will be very lonely from all the other missionaries. :(  it's sad cuz we want to see other missionaries, plus I can't send or receive any letters if we dont go into the city for our meetings with the district.   We had our last meeting with the district over the phone...in the middle of the road!  We read scriptures and even prayed.  it was funny but bad cuz we couldn't hear anyone or anything.  So i am hoping that we will be able to go to our meetings. We will wait and see what happens. Our President  is working and thinking (praying) about that.

Yesterday we had stake conference. This time we had the chance to go and see our fellow elders    It was super cool!  It was a special stake conference because Herny Eyring and David Bednar spoke to multiple stakes here in Mexico. It was over satellite transmission and it was really neat.  It was an answer to some of my prayers and questions.  Especially the talk Elder Bednar gave.
He said that there are 3 ways to receive spiritual inspiration and that it can be compared to light.  1.  When we enter a dark room and flip on the light switch, instantly light fills the room.  Like when people pray and instantly receive an answer or a spiritual inspiration. And he made it clear here that this is the most UNCOMMON way. 2. Like a sunrise, the sun gradually rises and its sun rays fill the valley little by little.  This is the most COMMON way we recieve spiritual inspiration.  We pray, and continue on the day and little by little we begin to find the truth or start to understand the inspiration.  3.  Is the same as 2 but the sun rises on a cloudy day and we can't really see or recognize the light.  Sometimes we pray, go on through the day and don't really recognize or notice the spiritual inspiration.  He gave an example of when President  Eyring was talking in a stake conference and  he was talking all over the place, from one subject to the next, and without really good transition.  When Elder Eyring (he was an apostle then) ended he sat down next to  Elder Bednar and he said "I had no idea where I was going with that talk."  Later the stake pres. wanted to talk to  President Eyring and  Elder Bednar about the things they could do to help the stake.  The Stake pres. said he had taken detailed notes of all the subjects that Pres.  Eyring  had talked about.   He said that these were exactly what the Stake needed and he wanted to talk more about them! Wow. So sometimes in life we continue on the road and don't really notice the "light", but the Lord has promised that HIS words will be said when we open our mouths.  This really has helped me, especially here in the mission.  I always question myself if I am following the spirit or doing what I am supposed to be doing.  And now I know that as long as I am obedient and open my mouth, He will fill my mouth with His words and I will say the things that need to be said!  An answer to my prayers!

Well this is what's happening... I have to go. Sorry I will talk more about Tejupilco and how the work is here  in the next letter. I love you all so much and I am so happy to be here. This area is FANTASTIC!  I love you all soooooooo veryyyyyyyy muchhhhhhh!  Thank you for your prayers and your support for me. I cant wait to see you agian!

Elder $ean Larson

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