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August 1, 2011

My Tejupilco Zone with Elder De Hoyos.  Cool!!
Victor's Baptism

Larson Family,

I can't believe that Monday is already here! Thats pretty nuts! I am super scared that the time on the mission is going by sooo fast.  Me and Wagstaff always talk about how we have very little time and now we only have like 6 months left!!!!! Whoa!  It's sad... really.  But I always think...."Man I can't wait to actually sleep one time  in my own bed!"  But then I started thinking.... I don't think I will be able to sleep!  I'm really super scared haha. Seriously. But I need to stop thinking about that! I just love this mission so much. Yesterday, we had a great day!!  We went to church and brought 7 people with us!! And we had 2 confirmations and 3 Priesthood ordinations! Then after the services, we baptized  and  we had another baptism on Saturday.  We really did work hard and we had a lot of success and blessings from the Lord.  I am super grateful and realize how much the Lord blesses us!   After the baptism yesterday, Wagstaff asked me, "Isn't the mission just soo cool!". haha! I love that kid. I know he loves his mission and I love it too!  It really is cool to see the Lord's hand in this work.  I am super excited to see what will come and hopefully the Lord will continue to bless us.  After the services we went out to work again.  We were really short on contacts plus we had to get 5 more lessons to complete our .... we got to work!  haha.  So, 8 o clock came around and we had to be home at 9:30. We still needed to teach 2 lessons and do 31 more contacts.  We looked at our planners.... then started working like crazy! It was really cool. The Lord really helped us and we got home at 9:30 and completed all of our goals!!!!  We were super stoked!  The mission is so much better when we are working hard like that!  I just love it all!
We baptized a guy named Victor, he is 20 years old and he just loves the church. I am so proud of him because his family isn't doing too well but he still wanted to get baptized! He really feels the love in the church.  He has such a great heart. He gave a family a ride home in his car because that is just the way he is! (You have to understand that there aren't a lot of people that have cars here.)  So we are super excited for him!

Just a funny side note.  The mission  received dvd players for every single companionship, so we can watch the district dvd's (they are some of the missionary videos...the ones we saw the day I left) and other videos to help us study better. I was a little hesitent about it because there are a lot missionaries that  might abuse this privelage. Luckily they made it so it will only play mini dvd movies and not the regular ones. Of course, we can't even open it haha. It's pretty fun! I like it alot

Another thing...  Dominos pizza is really big here in Mexico and guess what..... the Dominos delievery people here go around on...... HONDA 70s hahah! It's awesome. So obviously Wagstaff and I talk about that a lot.  I just love it! Yes! CLASSIC!

I am super jealous that Nick got to drive that sweet Ferrari.  NICK YOU HAVE TO WRITE ME AND TELL ME NOW! I want to know what it is because I dont recognize it. (is it new!?)  please..... Congrats!!
And mom.... you just made my week worse. haha Why whould you tell me that dad got a new car but you won't tell me what it is!  Now I have to wait till next week for dad to write me... please dad...tell me and send me some pics! That is so cool!  What about the "green ferrari" in the garage? haha. Oh ya. dad  am going to send your bday letter tomorrow.  Sorry it will come late! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD GUY! haha :D
Thanks for writing me guys. I love you all sooo much. I am glad to hear that Brad is doing better!!   Of course, I still continue to pray for him. I am glad he is so optimistic! So am I!!

I miss you all and I can't wait to see everyone again. I am doing great and lovin' the mission!!!! Thanks everyone!!!


Elder $ean Larson

Our homemade Philly Cheesesteak!

Martina's Baptism!

The Book of Mormon that Heights Ward Primary sent me!

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