Monday, August 15, 2011

August 8, 2011

Jamie's baptism

The Larson Family,
We recently baptized the funniest man. His name is Jaime Jaurigui Santillan and he is 61 years old and loves to crack jokes.  He is so funny and he just loves to play around with us.  He always says he is 23 to all the people. And the other day when we asked him to go to church we asked him if we could go pick him up and he said, "No that's alright. I got my good ole horse to ride over." haha He joked around with us that he wanted to swim after his baptism and he took it seriously.  When I baptized him and it was sooo akward because he went strait back like a log haha! So I had to put my leg under him to help him get up. (Luckily, we didn't have to repeat it.) Then when they closed the curtains on the font he started to dog paddle in the font! (Remember he is 61!) hahaha Then he got on the stairs and dove in! hahah I was just laughing my head off and my comp was too because he was directing the hymns and he could hear him swimming.  Man.... it was funny.  I love that man. He is so happy to be in the church. He  loves to chat with everyone and just loves to talk with us about the most random things.  When we invited him to church... he came.... alone!  It was sweet! He got baptized this last Sunday. Cool huh?!
We had a cool experience the other day.  We really didn't have very many new people to teach and nobody to go to church.  So we prayed and fasted Friday night hoping that the Lord would help us to find a family  to teach and take to church.  The next Saturday we went to work and we were sooooo blessed!  We found 12 new investigators  and 3 of them are seriously chosen people of God!  Jesus, Dolores and Karla.  Jesus was just outside with his motorcycle and had a good ole beard and stuff and sadly,  I thought he wasn't going to listen to us. But we contacted him and I realized  that I totally mis- judged him!  He let us in his house and we sang and taught them the first lesson which is Joseph Smith.  They loved it!  They even said that they felt really special and really good when they heard all of this... and yes, they went to church this Sunday (alone!) and loved it!  Jesus was able to see the baptism of Jaime and he loved it.  He asked "How long does it take for one to get baptized?"  You know he is a chosen person from God when they ask that!  He even told his wife and daughter, "I don't know about you, but I am going to church every Sunday here!!  It was  so cool.  So we had another great week!!
Well, I don't have time to write more but I love you guys soooo much. I will hear from you all next week. Thanks!


Elder $ean Larson

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