Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 25, 2011

Elder Wagstaff,  Sister Juanillo, Joesph, and me

          Dear Family,
Well things are just going great. I am really starting to understand a lot more about the mission and this amazing church.  We are working hard and I am just loving it!  Elder Wagstaff keeps pushing me and I love it! I am a little nervous  when he leaves because I know I rely on him on a lot. He has taught me a lot and  we will continue to work hard like this.  We always are  walking and contacting people in the street.  Our goal as a mission is to get 140 contacts every week and 30 lessons. Usually that's been tough for me for some reason, but now we are completing the goal every week and it's just awesome. The President's taught us that we should be "running" to our appoinments and if we don't have time to contact people then we should always say "hi" and "buenas tardes" with a smile.  He promised us that soon people will start asking themselves" who are these guys" and "why dont they talk to me?"  Soon people will start contacting US. It's sooooo cool!  The President's promise is so right!  Now people stop us and ask us what we are doing! haha. That is the greatest feeling when you have someone stop you and want to talk to you. It's so cool. 
It's funny, because in Mexico, if you knock one door on the street... that door turns into like 10 doors and each door is a house and a family. it's crazy, but it's a gold mine for missionaries.  There are a lot of poor families here and they are so humble and ready for the gospel.  Basically... there's just a lot of people here!!
Oh and I forgot to tell you that we have sister missionaries in this zone. There were 6 pairs before but now there are only 2 and they are just amazing. Seriously, they are the best missionaries.  They work so hard and just love the mission. They are from Mexico and Peru. (I am pretty sure they don't want to send American sisters here.) But they are soo cool and work so hard and they teach me so much!
For my first time, we have a Jewish investigator. It's sooooooo cooooool. I don't know much about the jewish faith, but he sure does know a lot of the bible. (and I don't.) This guy is cool. He doesn't practice  Judism anymore.  He is also part Catholic (because his dad is Catholic) He just the nicest guy and he knows English haha!  He will randomly talk to us with a British accent because he lived there for a time. It's crazy! Being Jewish, he knows Hebrew too. So he has a bible in Hebrew, English and Spanish. It's awesome!  But his Hebrew bible is more exact and sometimes he will check that to get an exact translation of what we are reading because at times he is surprised at some of the scriptures we read. He is really cool and is just loving it. He hasn't gone to church yet, but hopefully he will soon! I hope he will want to get baptized and really find what a blessing this can be in this life.
Just a funny story. There is a member that comes to church every sunday with her dog. haha. He's a good dog and always obeys her!  He just sits there with her.  She is older and the dog loves being with her. But it's funny having a dog in church. At first I was really confused when I saw a dog in sacrament meeting and no one said anything.  He's an awesome dog!
O MAN. I almost forgot...yes we had a baptism. His name is J and he is really cool. He is 16, and a lot of 16 year olds here don't make the best decisions in life, but he did! He went to church with us and loved it so he wanted to get baptized!  I think we will be able to  baptize his grandma this week too. He is a cool kid and I am so happy he is finding the right path..the path of Christ. 
Well.... I love you guys so much. You all are sooo amazing!  I forgot!  Please tell everyone "Hola" for me. I am so glad there are some people that still remember me hahaha!  That's cool!  I love you guys sooo much but I love my mission more..... ! I love the church, the mission and my family soooooo much! I love the New Testament and I am learning so much now.  (I am almost done with Matthew) I hope everyone is well and I will see you all soon!
Elder $ean Larson 
P.s..........Nick...........Happy Birthday.......
P.S.S. DAD!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS COMING WEEK! Man it is going to be so cool. and I will write you your bday letter....but its going to get there late. sorry.
p.s.s.s. ok Nick I wrote you one too, but I am sending it tomorrow so you will have to wait. ok? Thanks!

This is our church in Tacuba

Pazole...it's really good!

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