Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August 15, 2011

Top of the Latino Americano Tower

Larson Family,

Wow. I can't believe a week just went by like that in a week. So this week was cool! We had another baptism. We baptized the grandma of Joseph (who was baptized about 3 weeks ago). Sadly, he is not as excited to go to church anymore, so hopefully his grandma can help him and get him going again. We will pass by his house this week too. We are super happy for this family and for all their faith. We still have a chance to baptize other members in the family, so we will continue to work with them, but I am soooo grateful for all the success the Lord brings us. He is always there to help us. We just have to give it our all!!

The Mission President here is really happy for us. Mainly for our generation of missionaries or in other words, the missionaries who have been out the same time as me. He loves us and almost all of us are zone leaders now that have around 6 months left. I think he will start putting people back to training because his goal is to have a "baby Elder Larson" and "baby Elder Wagstaff" ! haha He wants us to leave a great legacy and train some good missionaries. So I am thinking soon we will be seeing some other changes coming up, but who knows. All I know is that I will finish the mission training which is really exciting.!! (When he interviewed me he said "I want you to leave your legacy here and a year after your mission... when you are MARRIED and have a KID...and this could be prophecy, I want you to hear about your legacy here in your mission." hahah I loved how he said it could be prophecy. It was just funny and I wanted to tell you all that.) Don't panic mom! haha!

So we went to the Mexico City center again (Zocalo) It was super cool and this time we got to go up the tall Latino Americano Tower and see alll of Mexico City from above. It was really cool to see our mission and really see how big this mission and city is. SO MANY PEOPLE! It's really awesome. We got to see some cool things! Also, I went to a mass at the Catholic church because we were visiting the Cathedral there and the mass started. So we watched for a while, but we left because we felt a little uncomfortable. But that was cool, fun experience. If we go as a family there, we will have to visit there.

Ok, funny story. Jesus, Dolores and Karla are such amazing people! They went to church again on their own and have accepted a baptismal date. The thing is, Jesus is sooooo set on getting baptized on September 21st because it's the change of seasons. I don't know why and we tried explaining to him that he could do it sooner but.... he is really set on that date. So he and his family will get baptized that day. It's good though! We just wish we could do it sooner so we could be here. We are really happy for them because they love the gospel and love the church....oh ya! The funny part.... So we got to know Karlas daughter, Pricila. She came home one night when we were teaching them and well...she was a little underdressed. Anyway...she is really nice!! And after the lesson they invited us to eat with them and my comp asked Pricila where she works... and she said....(with a Mexican accent..) "Hooters!" haha! I tried so hard not to laugh and I didn't! It was just funny cuz we're missionaries!  Later, when we left to go home, they gave us food to take and she gave us our food in a Hooters bag! haha Man! It was so funny! We were just laughing at 2 missionaries coming home with a Hooters bag! (Not a good look for a missionary!) But it was funny... and yes we discarded the bag and repented! haha.

Leftover food sent with the missionaries...inappropriate bag! ha ha!

I am sooo happy for you guys! I really hadn't heard much about Bre complications with Charles. But I am sooo glad everything is alright! I know how strong the power of prayer and fasting are!! I am sooooo excieted for Bre, Bry and everyone! Please keep me up to date! Thanks for everything! I love you all sooooo much! Talk to you soon!
                    Elder $. Larson

Bellas Artes in Mexico City
Latino Americano Tower
Sean with the Mexican police

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