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August 22, 2011

Street sign in Santa Cecilia..."Lake Poo"  What?!
Well, like I said we had transfers, and yup I got changed! As I said last week, the President wanted to get us back to training so now I am in a new area, I will get a new "kid" to train and I am back to being a district leader again. I am super excited! I know I am not the best missionary l and I still don't speak Spanish perfectly, but I am going to love this experience. I am in a new zone called Lomas Verdes, in a new area called Santa Monica. Basically my area is a really rich place, which means it will be a lot harder work. ( They even have a really sweet mall in my area haha) I am getting my "kid" tomorrow so I don't know if he will be a Mexican or an American. 7 Americans are coming in and 1 Mexican so I will probably get a "gringo." I am super excited. I left Wagstaff in Tacuba and he is now the zone leader! WE ARE BOTH GOING TO WORK HARD! I will work my kid out!

We thought we were going to baptize last sunday but we didn't. We had 3 people lined up but they all fell through.... sad face. I am hoping that next week Wagstaff will get them in the water;o) Right now it looks like there are no possibilities in my new area...but I'll sure be working to find the chosen ones. Plus I need to learn this area because I am opening it up with a new comp so that will be interesting. I am really excited.

I am also excited for the new bishopric in the Heights ward. Man, all of those guys are super cool! They really do choose great and inspired men...just like dad! :D I know this new bishopric will help the ward so much.

It was hard to leave Tacuba because it is such a great area and we had so much success there, but I know I will love this area too. A lot of elders here say that this area is hard because it's a richer area so it might be harder to teach, but that doesn't matter. I know the Lord blesses us when we are obedient working diligently and hard! I will do that with my kid! It will be fun. it wasn't quite as hard to say goodbye to Tacuba because I wasn't there very long and so didn't get quite as attached, but I loved it there, it was super cool. I also love changes and learning from every comp. I loved working with Wagstaff and I will miss him. He taught me SOOO MUCH! I just love to work and have fun while doing it. Plus I am now in the same zone as Bylund and he is the zone leader! (You comp from the MTC and from Santa Cecilia) Cool huh?!

Thanks for everything! I love you guys soooooooooo much! Thanks for the Brad updates too. Of course, I continue to pray for him! He is such a great example to me (and everyone)! I LOVE YOU ALL! I will get you all updated next week! thanks!
Elder $ean Larson
My new Hymn book cover...I got them for my scriptures too!

Maria Luisa's baptism

Alejandra and her new Book of  Mormon

Fancy bank in Mexico City

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