Sunday, September 11, 2011

August 29, 2011

My new area, Santa Monica


You know I was just thinking. How weird is it that I have been gone for more than a year and half, just talking to you  by email.. what the heck! hahaha  It's just weird  thinking about it.  So ya! Here I am in Santa Monica alive and well... I got my kid last tuesday and he is awesome!  (Sadly this computer doesn't want to load my pics so I don't have pics today!  Sorry!) We are really excited and love how we this get this great oportunity to learn how to work and I am sure learning a lot! Yes, it is quite different but the good thing is that when you get a new missionary, he is ALWAYS excited to work even when everyone rejects us and we are contacting alll day!   Elder Pacheco is my new companion and he is a great kid.  He is from Merida, Yucatan. (where Cancun is basically) He really is a great guy and I am super happy to be with him. I was excited to get a Mexican comp again because I need to be improving my Spanish and he is really a funny kid and we get along great.  I realize how much I need to humble myself.   I thought I was doing better and becoming more humble (of course we can always be more humble!) but I thought I was doing good, but then I realized how much I need to listen and learn from my companion.  Really, I know I am teaching him how to work but I think he is teaching me more than anything.  I love it!

Man this area really is tougher!! But I love it still! I know we will have success. Sadly, we weren't able to bring anyone to church this week so we also are not going to be able to baptize.  I love it still!! We need to work better with the bishop and ward mission leader.  This area reminds me of California.  With tempatures that are not too hot and just seeing nice houses and cars, plus it has a huge mall's just weird.  haha  We are working in more "humbled" areas so they will at least open their door to us.  I really am excited, dont get me wrong! I have COMPLETE confidence that the Lord will bless us and help us so we can have success.  I really love this work!  It's Great!

The zone here is really beautiful. It's called Lomas Verdes,  which means Grean Hills!  And it's really green after all of this rain! Everything is green and hilly! It's a really nice place.  I just love all of it!  there is even a mall on top of a hill that lets you see everything all around, so i think we will go there next Monday.

Mom mentioned that peaches are in season.....boy do I miss those haha. Mexico does have peaches but they are SOOOOO SMALL!  I don't even bother eating them sometimes because they're just not the same haha.  But mexico has a lot of fruit that isn't there in Utah! So that's cool!

That's basically it.  Hopefully we will be able find some people to teach, but  whatever....we will continue to work hard. Oh ya. Just so you know I will be here this change and the next  change with my new comp because I am training him.  That means if I train again, I will go to one more area and that will be it! WOW!  Wierd...I  cant believe it! I love you all and apreciate all the letters and prayers! THANKS!


Elder $ean Larson

Elder Pacheo (my kid), me, Elder Taylor and Elder Hawker

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