Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 2, 2012

This is a 'horse' we found... Really just a huge dog


How fast did that last week go! really! I ONLY HAVE 5 WEEKS LEFT! That is super weird for me. I dont know if I am excited or not! All I know is that the President expects a lot of me this last change.  He loves all the missionaries in our generation (like he does love all missionaries.)  And I just know that I have to work even harder right now because I want to end my mission really, really STRONG.  I remember when I was training  about a year ago, we were blessed to baptize every week for almost 2 months in a row.  I am hoping we can do that again.  We just need to change a bit and sacrifice even more and the blessings will be given to us.  We were suppose to have a baptism last sunday, but they left out of town.  It is the mother and daughter that I told you about. They are really cool and very excited.  I just love finding these "choosen" people here.  That is something Elder Johnson taught us, he told us there are so many choosen people that 2 years isnt enough to baptize them all. And I truely believe him and I know that Mexico is so ready, especially Santa Monica. I just have to trust the Lord more and have more faith in Him.  This is His work, not ours and I assume He wants ALL of his children to be find the truth...sadly I am not always the best working tool.  But I hope to change that this last change!  We are hoping to another lady this week... who is reading and going to church all ON HER OWN!  She is a choosen person and so prepared, but she is  scared of what her family will think  and not sure she wants to take the next step to baptism. I just keep praying for a miracle from the Lord so that he will soften her heart and calm her heart too so that she can make this decision.

Saturday for new Years  we got to eat with the other missionaries and their bishop again and we had awesome food!  GREAT HAM! just like home haha. We came home early at 8 and like we didnt have anything to do....sooo i showered and went to bed. I think that was the first time in my entire mission that I had like 9 hours of sleep! That was sweet!  but then the fireworks woke me up at l12:01  so I guess I celebrated.... I just said "feliz año nuevo" to my comp and went back to bed. hahaha. But that was it!   
I gotta go. I got a lot of work  to do this week!  Thanks for everything! I love you all!


Elder $ean Larson

His paw compared to mine!

Making sweet Krusteze pancakes!

Taking a shortcut by the stinkiest river ever!

Cool Christmas Tree that one of the sisters made.

Cool Star fruit

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