Monday, July 11, 2011

July 10, 2011

Mexico City Temple

So yup. I got transferred to a new area!  I left good old Tenayo zone and Santa Cecilia area and I am now in Camarone (shrimp) zone and in the area Tacuba.  It was kinda expected but I am sure going to miss Santa Cecilia and everyone. It was pretty hard saying goodbye to all of the people. But it's awesome too because and I love working in new places. We said some last goodbyes to some of my converts like the Torres Mora family and the Olvera family and some members in the ward too.  It is such a great ward,  but I know that Tacuba will be just as cool. 
Torres Mora Family making faces!

Lorena and Fernanda Olvera
Having fun with a ward Family

Oh I am still zone leader and I am with an amazing elder. His name is Elder Wagstaff from Salt Lake. He is super cool and super humble, so he will teach me a lot.  He actually has the same time as I do in the mission so that's pretty cool.  It's another "gringo" or American comp so it's going to be harder to always talk in Spanish. But I need and want to practice it more. I still have a lot to learn but whenever I speak English my Spanish gets worse. So that is why my plan when I come home is to  find a job or something where I can continue to use my Spanish. ...So I am super excited for this change and I hope we will be able to bless a lot of people in this zone. 

Before we had the changes, me and Briones went to the visitors center at the temple again. I love going there!  We brought a entire family of 5 that we have been teaching for a while. It's the Lanzagorta family and we invited them to get baptized but they are  scared to do it.  So we thought maybe we could go to the temple to get them more excited. The dad loved it and we haven't even taught him yet, but he loved it!  He watched  all the videos and asked a lot of questions.  Hopefully they will get baptized soon. There is  another cool thing that is happening. A long time a go we baptized the Reyes Casas family in Morelos.  The other day I went to interview the uncle of that family and I found out that there are more members of their family getting baptized! It's soo cool! I am just starting to see the fruits of my work in the mission. I love it!  I can't wait to see how it will be in a few years. It's sooo cool.  That is why this mission is soo fun... just to see the fruits and know that you were able to help these families enter the kingdom of God.  What a great opportunity we have to help in this great work.  I know I will be super sad to leave the mission and come home. But I know that we will have many blessings too. All the missionaries are all feeling the same.  There are about 15 of us that came out at the same time and we said we will  be crying like babies on the last day of our mission. We know its going to be like that because this has been such an amazing experience.

My goal this change is to do a lot better. I am going to make sure that I am way way obedient and do everything our leaders ask us to do.  I know I will need to seek the Lord's counsel a lot so I can receive His help and blessings.  I love all of you guys sooooo much and hope that everything is well at home! Grandma Larson, I love hearing your stories about Steele and everthing.  I cant wait to see my nieces and nephews! I love my family and I know that you guys are the reason that I am here. THANK YOU!

Elder $ean Larson


Dana and her mom
My Tenayo Zone (no that's not me...I'm in the middle!)

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  1. Hola!!!
    Me alegro que estés feliz en la zona en la que tocó, te vamos a extrañar todos nosotros, espero algún te volvamos a ver!!
    Así como mi mamá te dijo las puertas de nuestra casa están abiertas para cuando visites méxico!
    Mucha suerte en todo, en tu misiñon y en tu vida!
    Fue un gusto conocerte y ya sabes aquí tienes una amiga en México!!
    Abril Lanzagorta ibarra