Monday, October 3, 2011

September 5, 2011

Well another fast week has gone by. I already feel like i have been here forever with my comp.  We are doing well. Sadly though we didnt baptize this last week and we weren't even able to bring people to church. :( It was Stake Conference so it was harder because I wasn't even sure where it was and all) but.... this just means that we need to work harder. It means that there is something that we aren't doing right or something we need to do better.  I really love this area beause it really  makes me think outside of the box and figure out what we can do differently.  Hopefully, we can find someone to teach this week. Usually when we teach we have to talk to  people in the doorway( because they can't let us in) So sometimes that makes it harder to teach with the spirit. But when we are able to go in and sit down, it is SOOOOO much better and we can really feel the spirit.  So we are going to continue to look for more people this week! ya!
Training again  is awesome. I am just learning soooo much and love working with my comp.  He is such a great guy and he is the perfect example of "Christ like love" He is soo nice to everyone and is always thinking about things we can do to help them.  (something i need to do more).  So he is teaching me that. The hardest part about teaching is trying to explain to him how to just work effectively and how to teach with the spirit. He is really a great comp, but its just hard to teach someone how to do that, especially when I am still  learning how to do that myself.  It's crazy, but its cool because we learn together and try to help each other. We are getting along together well and that is good!  He is very teachable so it's just a lot easier.  We are having fun too! haha
This coming Monday I am not going to write because we don't have a p day that day because,  but 15th of Sept is coming up. (4th of July here in Mexico) so our president  doesn't want us to work that day.  So we are going to do an activity on the 15th and the 16th is our p day. So just don't freak out when I don't write on monday.  But ya, I will let you know how all that goes.  We are planning to eat, cook pancakes and play basketball,volleyball. dodge ball and the president is going to let us watch "Remember the Titans!" Cool huh!  It will be fun. 

Let all the family there in Cali know that I love them and praying for all of them. Especially Brad.  The Lord gives us strength in all things. He KNOWS personally how tough some situations can be because he also has gone through that... and more.  I love everyone there! i wish you all a happy 15TH DE SEPTIEMBRE haha. but thanks for writting! LOVE YOU ALL!
Elder Larson
Yummy fruit and cream!

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My new comp!

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