Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September 12, 2011

Me and some of the Elders in my district
WHOOOOOOOO! sorry I just got a message from mom hearing that brad is good and CANCER FREE !!!! Whoo! I am super happy for him and for everyone in their family. I have been praying every night for him! YES! That's great. Tell him felicidades!

This week is going by quick. We are just about to go to our "Noche Mexicana" to do our activity with the zone. We are going to watch "Remember the Titans" then we are going to have a testimony meeting thing. After we will eat some meat and tacos and beans! Whoo go Mexican food! haha Then we are going to make pancakes and have ICE CREAM! Whoo hooo! So we will have some fun today.

Well, I have some great news! We brought someone to church! You should have seen me. I was sooo excited when he came. He is around 30 and single and he studied graphic design in New Jersey. Now he is working with his own business. Everything is going well for him but and he feels like he needs God in his life! He told us "I feel a thirst for God or the word of God in my life". it was so cool! He liked the church all but we cant see him till next week because he is out of town. Hopefully he will want to learn more and eventually get baptized. He's great so we will see.

We are also teaching a Buddhist. He reminded me of Mark Earl from Top Hat. The Buddhist's focus on love and the earth. He says that he feels he doesn't have love like he should have for other people. He feels that he judges people. So one day he was walking by our church and just felt that he really wanted to go in. (The spirit!) So he went in! Luckily we were having a weekly meeting. We talked to him and now he is meeting with us. Hopefully, he will want to go to church this week with us to really learn how Christ can help him. It's funny because he said one time, "Everytime you say Joseph Smith, my heart opens up". I told him that that is God answering your prayers... saying that this is the path to follow. Hopefully he'll continue to pray and study and will chose to follow.

The work is getting better. We are starting to find people that will actually listen to us and that are progressing. I just love it. We continue to work really hard. I am praying every night on my knees that God will bless us and show us what we should do differently. He is helping and blessing us a lot. I am learning so much from my comp. He is a great guy with great love.

Well.. I gotta go. I am soo grateful for this mission! I am scared that it is coming to an end. I love you all and hope everyone is doing great! You all are helping me soooo much! Love you and talk to you on monday. ADIOS!
Elder Sean Larson

Part of my area

Where else can you see an Audi, a Beamer and horses?

Another part of our district

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