Tuesday, October 25, 2011

September 26, 2011

Sunset from our apartment

Another quick week again.  Wow.  This week we really have been working a lot and i think it's really paid off!  It was sooo sweet!  Honestly, we didn't have great success in our area, but we did as a zone and  as a mission!  In this zone we haven't been able to teach like we should be and it 's been kinda tough.  So the President's Assistents came over to one of our meetings to get us excited and to help us work harder.  It's tough because a lot of our zone is really rich and it's harder to find people to teach.  But we decided to focus on doing baptismal interviews this week.  Usually we do about 10 a week. But this time we focused on doing interviews for all the people that we have brought to church and we ended up with 41! It was crazy! It's harder because, as leaders, we have to go to other areas and have  interviews with them.  Each interview last at least 30 mins and somtimes more! (I had one that lasted about almost 2 hours ) As you can see it takes a while, plus all the traveling we do.  So we weren't able to work as much in our own area. But the interviews helped us out a LOT!  We were able to baptize 17 people in our zone...thanks to all those interviews.  So that was good. Plus it was the last week of the month and as a mission we were able to baptize 303 people!!!! Whoooooo! it was really cool! (I sent the letter the president sent us to congratulate us.)  That is really amazing because we have baptized more than 300 before but that was when we had 5 weeks in the month, but September was a month of 4 weeks. So it was really cool!  We were able to bring 3 people to church in our area, which is a lot better than before! 
Sadly, this week I got another in grown toe nail! Ewww. haha But i am so grateful for some of the sisters that are here.  Sister Santos helped me out.  I told her that I would tell my family that she took out the in grown toenail haha!!   i owe her big time.... So there you go. I am now walking a lot better! haha

I loved seeing mom, Tammy, Shawn and Sue at Ellen!  Man I can't imagine how much fun that would be.  That is soo cool!  Maybe we will get a chance to win a car on price is right or something haha.  

Well i gotta go! Thanks for all the letters and pictures! I loved them all! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOO MUCH AND PRAY FOR YOU ALL!


Elder $ean Larson
Planes fling in formation above the city

My new scripture cases

The 'Tree of Life'

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