Tuesday, October 25, 2011

September 19, 2011

Cooking at our  mission activity
Well, this might be a shorter one sorry. We are kinda short and time and besides...I did just write you on Thursday... so there isn’t a lot of new things to share. 
I am sooo happy for Brad and his recovery and CANCER FREE! It really  shows that God has some big plans for him in this life.   He is such a strong, positive and funny guy.  He will continue to be blessed and now he will be able to bless many others.  
Well, the activity was pretty fun.  We did make a pretty weird combination of food.  We had pancakes with ice cream and then some hot dogs and some meat for tacos hahaha!  Go missionary life! But we still had a huge bag of "krustez" pancake mix left over, so we made some more pancakes and played basketball today.  The sad thing is is that we didn't have a whole lot of time because people  arrived late!  But we still watched “Remember the Titans”.  That was cool!  It really gets you excited to work and  you can apply a lot of teachings from that movie to the mission.  So it was fun. We did that and then we went home haha. It was cool.  We also had a little testimony meeting after the movie to share our feelings about our companion and the attributes he has.  My comp has a lot! He is a great guy.
Sadly, we didn’t bring anyone to church this week.  We had soooo many good people lined up to go but Alejandro was nervous to go and the others just didn’t show up.  We will have a chance to see Carlos this week because he has been gone all week so we haven't seen him.  We will be able to see him tomorrow.  Hopefully he will want to be baptized. Maybe this week... he is a good guy!  We are also working better with the ward.  We invited all the members tof the ward to share "The Proclamation to the World" and invite people to listen to us or go to church with them. Hopefully we will see some success with that.  We've  also been gaining more confidence in and working better with our bishop too.  That is always a good thing!!  I  think we will be working with ward members more this week and see if we can get some referrals.  
Mom I loved to hear about the Ellen experience. You have to tell me if you won something! haha!  I am really glad you got to go on the show...Finally! haha. I totally forgot about her show! You all sound so good and I hope you all continue having a lot of fun and success.  I know that this is the true church and I know that my mission was the best decision I made in my life.  I cant believe all the things I have learned in this mission.  Spiritual things as well as characteristics.  it's so cool! I love you all! Adios mis queridos hermanos!
Elder $.Larson

Elder Bylund making pancakes

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