Wednesday, November 9, 2011

October 17, 2011

Larson family,

What a cool week!  Really this was one really great week.  Not just because we got a lot of work done but we truly saw and witnessed a miracle! it was sooooo coool. Let me explain. We baptized a family last week, and as I mentioned, the dad was not ready to be baptized.  We were sad to see that. So, we kept passing by their house often to help the family and especially the dad.  Every time we finished a lesson, the mom, followed us to the door and always asked us to help her husband and keep passing by.  Of course, that is what we did.   He is influenced by his friends a lot. So we asked him if,  when he was ready to be baptized, would he quit drinking and he said that he would. We told him that we were going to work with him and set goals so that he can be baptized.  That Sunday he went to church with his family, and he got to see us confirm all his family!  (It was really cool by the way.)  I think he liked it a lot.  After, we had our Zone Leader, Elder Wagstaff, (my old comp) do an interview to see if he really did want to get baptized in the future.  That interview helped him a lot and he really felt the spirit because he came out saying he wanted to get baptized that same day.  :O Wow!  It was sooo cool.  We talked with the bishop to make sure that it was ok.  He said yes and we baptized him that day. After he got baptized the bishop invited him to share his testimony and Wow! He has seriously changed!  He has  a new view on things and is going to stop drinking and find a new job so he isn't tempted anymore.  Really! it was amazing! I love him. He  is a such a great example for me. This was a miracle of the Lord for sure. I am so grateful for everything He has done.  This is His work and His success. I love this work! I love being able  to help families have eternal blessings.  They changed our bishopric  last Sunday and we are excited for the new bishop. Sadly, they took away our mission leader who was really good but we will see what happens. I have to go now. I love you all soooo much! I love the Lord and I know that we are all blessed by obedience! Love,Elder Sean Larson

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