Wednesday, November 9, 2011

October 24, 2011

My dear dear family,

Man I just love this work.  This zone has  been known for its miracles  and it is sooo true!  Miracles really do happen here.  We witnessed a miracle just this last sunday, because we were able to baptize again!  YAAAA!  Having a baptism helps us out so much,  we just get  more excited to work.  Maybe there is a chance to baptize every week this transfer...That would be really cool and I think it would be something that this ward has never accomplished.  So we need to work hard this week.  Hopefully we will be able to baptize a sister we have been working with that really wants to get baptize.... but she needs to get married first. And getting people married here is hard because sometimes they do not have the money or they do not have their birth certificate.  Plus, unlike in the United states...we can't just have our bishop marry them,  but I am hoping we can do it.

Oh yeah.  Rosa is the lady that we baptized last week.  She is super funny. She is a lady we taught here and have been bringing to church and she has just LOVED it.  She told us that the time went by sooooo fast and was she was so excited to go the next week.  So we are super excited for her.  She has some really interesting stories for us.  She was really ready to be baptized. So we did that this last week.  We are sooo happy for her and for all the success the Lord gives us.  I know this is His work and this success is thanks to Him.  I love it!

This last week we got to know a Portuguese lady.  She didnt speak very well in spanish  but then told us that she speaks Portuguese.  I told her I had a brother that went to Brazil...but sadly he didn't teach me any Portuguese hahah. JK Bry. We wanted to teach her but sadly we cant find her. We are still going to look for her because she was really cool.  

I dont' know if I told you guys, but one of the Bishops in this stake gave us something so precious to us "gringos"....  ROOT BEER! Man!  And not just any root beer, but A & W root beer.  it was sooooooo cool! I realize how much I've missed it and Brys home made root beer too! haha (are you still making that Bry?)  I saved it for a long time because I was scared to open it! ha! But then I bought some vanilla ice cream and made a root beer float!  It was awesome! 

Sadly, we are not finding a whole lot of new people to teach.  We need to work even harder this week. I am excited to see what comes up! I am soo glad to hear from all you guys. O ya, i had to talk again this last Sunday and I was surprisingly  a lot more comfortable this time.  But that doesn't mean anything... when i get home, I will really scared to talk at my homecoming haha. Tell Greg HOLA! And please give him a big hug for me. Tell him he cant play rock band without me and the boys! hahaha. jk 

Thanks for everything i love you guys soooo much! I hope everyone is alright and "growing"!  Talk to you all next week!

Elder Sean Larson

 Just eating  some burgs
Open markets in the city 

This is an "afialador" a knife sharpener on the street

Pasta making factory

Our good friend!

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