Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 3, 2011


Wow. So I got 5 mins. I am soo sorry, we just suck at timing things haha.  P day is always the most filled day.  Anyways. I will give a really really brief letter

Mom, answers for the questions
1. Ok just keep the shoes I guess. I can last in these.
2. Yes 2 10s and 1 9 1/2
3. Mac and cheese. Pics of Simon Dewy paintings, (if you have some more for me to give away to people) and candy.....and.....ya. haha!  Whatever!

Yes, I went to conference but only on Sunday. We worked on Saturday. It's alright... cuz I love it too. But the best part is we brought a family of 5 to the conference! cool!  The Mondragon family. Really they are awesome! I think they will get baptized.  They are  just a really humble and willing to listen and follow our Savior. They are great.  Prayers please for them!

I met a famous guitarist/singer that is older but still plays in concerts and he also plays classic rock in Spanish! So cool! I got his autograph. He plays for the "Hermanos Carrreon". Maybe you can find them on itunes or something.

Dad. I heard someone drive by in their bmw and listening to Rolling Stones and it made me think of you. Are you still listening to Sting and Andrea Boccelli in your sweet beamer? haha Just wanna know.

I am sorry I gotta go! I will do better next week! Bye!

Elder Tron :D

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