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November 1, 2011

New coat! (I didn't bring a heavy coat here!)

Dear growing Larson family,
Haha. Man. YESSSSS! I am an uncle again! Whooo! But Bry and Bre, why didnt you name him Charles Sean Larson? That sounds sooooo much cooler! O well. We will put it on the next one dont worry. :D
Seriously I am so happy to here how much the family is growing.  I pretty sure at least every month I have been in the mission I have heard that there is a new baby in the family! haha. It's sooo nuts!  It's going to be so cool meeting them all.  Bry and Bre are going to have another family of pure priesthood!  Cool!  I have to admit...that does make me a little trunky.... haha no not too bad but i just cant wait to see everyone again.
I am so glad to hear that Greg is doing so good and how much he has grown on his mission. The mission really has changed me too, and I cant even imagine how much it will change all of us as friends.  It's going to be so cool.  I am still scared to stand up in front of our ward and talk haha! but hey I am not going to think about that because I still have mission time left!!  Tell Greg hi for sure!
I am sooooo happy for the Mondragon Family. They are doing sooooooo great.  We just had the Primary Program here! It was awesome! But what really touched me was when we saw our "little converts" up there and they did soooo well! They only have one month in the Church and yet they memorized their scriptures and sang all the hymns!  Other families in the ward were amazed too...they told us "my son has more than 6 years in the church and he couldn't do as well as those little girls!" It was funny.  Their parents, of course, were super proud and  we all felt the spirit soooo strongly.  We even had one family that brought a lot of their extended family members  that are not LDS... And they brought some friends!  There were a lot! We got to teach them in the Gospel Principles class, so that was really cool. Unfortunately, hardly any of them live in our ward boundaries so we won't be be able to work with them.. but we were able to help the Lord in his work. We are planning to go to one of the investigator this week, so hopefully she will like our  message!
Oh yeah, Gabriel, now has a new job  and is doing awesome!  The other day we decided to drop by their house and we walked in and saw him reading the Book of Mormon!   It was so cool to seem him reading!  It felt great!  I know they are going to receive sooooo many blessings!
O ya, just so you know, I  bought a new coat the other day because it's starting to get colder! Next transfers I don't know if i will get sent to a colder part of the mission or not. Besides i liked it and  I figured I will bring it home to use in the winter.  (It will be an adjustment, getting us to cold weather again!)
We are going to the center again today because they changed our pday from yesterday to today. We are going to be able to go to the museums this time so i will be sure to take more pictures!  Well until next week! I love you all sooooooo much!

One of the posters in the dentists office

My comp went to the dentist. This is perfect dentist picture!!! (look at his eyes)

Other pictures in the dentist's office!n haha!

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