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February 28, 2011

Dinner time, with Monjarraz!

Larson Family,
First! What the crap...Steele keeps on growing! He is now standing and shooting rockets and stuff. This is so weird.
2nd. What the crap again. Chad got married!?  It's about time! haha.  JK! I have a friend that is named K.T. Wooley, but I'm not sure if she has an older sister named Traci or not.  Congrats Chad!  That's really cool.
Ok well ..... yes we baptized again! Whoo hoo!  Her name is Rosa Martinez Cardenas and guess what.... she is our first baptism from a contact in the street. Oh, but it gets better. She was a Jehovahs witness! So being a former "witness", she really wants to help out with the  missionary work... which is perfect because we really need members that want to go out and teach.  Plus she knows a lot about the bible and that's great!   We are super happy that she got baptized and she will help out soo much in the church! 
As I said before, it's a mission goal to baptize every week and I know that the Lord knows our goal because He has helped us out soooooo much!  Sometimes, we dont think we can baptize then suddenly we find someone ready to teach be baptized. It's great! but i know we can't do it without the Lord and the spirit.  Those are key things in the mission!! It doesn't matter if you don't have a perfect knowledge of the bible (because i don't) You primarily need to be obedient and always serve the Lord....happily! :) It's so cool!
We recieved a refferal from the office the other day and wow... He is perfect!  First, he has friends that are LDS.  2nd he was an alcoholic and drug addict, but now is perfectly clean for over 15 years.  3rd, he has already read ALL of The Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles! He is reading teachings of the Prophet Spencer W. Kimball.   4th, He was telling us that he was asking God if he should get baptized. wow..... so we are hoping to baptize him this week but we aren't really sure. we'll have to see...but pretty crazy, right!?
The zone is trying to memorize "The Living Christ" (in spanish ) before the end of this transfer. and I agreed to do it. I thought it would be really hard for me because 1) it's really long and 2) it's in spanish haha!! But I am already half way done! I am really surprised and I realized how much this has taught me.  It's really cool. I also use it sometimes in my teaching.  Mainly, it has increased my testimony of my Savior. He has done so much for us and I know that He lives!
Before I forget... yes, transfers are next week. Monjarraz and I don't  want to go. We want to stay like this, but who knows. I doubt we stay together for another change but I really want to stay here. I love it here! I have made some good friends too!  In fact mom you  don't need to worry about me... there is a family that treats us very very well!!  They are super funny too. I definitely  plan on staying in contact with them! (plus, we baptized some of their family.)  Oh, and someone told me that MUSE won a grammy! whooooo! hahahaha. Can someone tell me what did they won for because they are one of my favorites!  Thanks and what was the the best picture this year?  Not that I'd know it.  Don't worry... I'm not home sick..... just excited. haha.
Well.... thanks so much guys. I love you all soooo stinkin much. I pray for all of you a lot, but I 
know you guys are happy.
Mom aren't you so happy that your sons are buying motorcycles! hahaha. I love you guys! Thanks for everything! Bye ! PEACE OUT!
 Love always,
Elder $ean Larson

Rosa Martinez Cardenas baptism

Me, Rosa and Monjarraz

Just goofing around!

Photo op

Monjarraz and I

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