Tuesday, April 12, 2011

March 14, 2011

Saying "goodbye" to our converts in Culturas

At the temple with  new converts & investigators

Dear family
So being ZL is great. I thought it might be a lot harder but it's actually better than I thought. You've got to be a good example to all the missionaries, and its funny because the cell phone is always ringing! But I love my zone. They really have great enthusiasm for the work and really are great workers. We put down a goal of baptizing 31 people this month and we already have 21, so we might raise it. It's pretty cool. Elder Bylund is teaching me a lot and I am also using the "as if" principle dad taught me. Man that sure has helped me throughout my mission. Elder Bylund really is a great missionary and he speaks Spanish really well so I am still learning Spanish from him. The area is great! We are working again in apartment buildings. I love those really! We have one building where we are teaching 4 families, its sweet. We have an investigator name Arturo that is progressing a lot. He has gone to church 3 times and in just 3 weeks has read up to 3 Nephi 11. Crazy! He is really awesome. In fact we are going to have a baptismal interview tonight so hopefully that goes well. We think we will have 4 baptisms this week and I have faith that we can do it. We are working hard but really this area is very blessed. We have amazing food here too. Sooo good! There are a lot of members here and I'm pretty sure they will help us out. Plus our bishop is really cool and very young again. The house is smaller but good, we just need to clean it a little, and the bathroom always smells. I don't know why haha but we are working on that because the grandma lady above keeps on complaining haha. Actually, she is really nice. It is just me and Bylund living here but there might be a chance of getting new missionaries from the U.S. If they come here they will stay with us but I don't think that will happen. This area is cool and we have Morelos, my second area, in the zone. Bylund served there too when he first got to Mexico. I think next monday we are going to visit some of the members and our converts there. It will be really cool. 

Sorry I've got to get going. I sent a few pics I hope you like them. I miss you guys and thanks for all your support. I will need your prayers to help me lead my zone. I love my mission and this church! You guys are amazing by the way! Bye!
Elder $ean Larson

A crazy tradition here in Mexico

"Super Missionary"

Time to clean!

Fire on the neighboring hill

Elder Bylund with mission dog!

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