Tuesday, April 26, 2011

March 28, 2011

The classic shot

Dearest Fam,
First of all... Steele totally looks like a Larson boy! haha Remember how we all were when we were young? Wow! Thats cool! Thanks for the pics. Sadly I don't have enough time to send you pics... well maybe but we will see. I dont have very many new ones.
We didn't baptized this week and even worse, our zone didn't do so well. We only had 2 baptisms in the whole zone and that's really low.  Hopefully it will be better this week. We are super excited for General Conference this week. This will be the 2nd conference that Elder Bylund and I have gone to together and both in April! The sad thing is I think we won't  get to go to the Saturday session, not even the preisthood session. Dang, but its ok. We are going to have more success that day! :D  
Our new convert, Arturo is awesome. He now has the Aaronic Priesthood and we gave him a triple comb.  He is already in Doctrine and Covenants section 72. and that was 3 days ago so I am sure he is farther now.  He is amazing!  I'm pretty sure he will be a seminary teacher here!
It was funny because the other day we ate with the bishop and he has a Wii,  a PS3 and new Xbox. Wow. We had to give him some photos so after we had our meeting he used the PS3 to give him the photos. It was an awesome right! We joked saying that every stake center should have a PS3 haha!
We have been going on a lot of splits lately. It's crazy but fun too because we get to work with other people. We are also going to everyones house because we need to find a lot of missing baptismal records. The Salt lake office called the President saying that we report a lot of baptisms but they haven't received all of the records :(  So, he was a little mad.  But its all good.
The Torres Mora Family is awesome and now we have a baptismal date! We are hoping this week but if not, it will be the next for sure! This family is AWESOME! I am super happy for their progress. They even told us about the good changes that have happened in there family. It's awesome!! The he dad still needs to quit smoking so thats why its taking a little bit longer. but they are great
Sorry I don't have a lot of time left but I have heard a lot of things about a tsunami in Japan Could you update me on that? plus, whats going on with the Caliber?  What are gas prices like there now?I just want to know. Nick, when are you getting a bike? haha I am sure Chels is getting a lot of pressure about that. haha GO LARSON BIKE GANG! Well,  I love you guys and I am super excited for this week. Thanks for everything! Love you all!
Elder Sean Larson

Investigators dog who got hit by a car... So sad!

There are a lot of dogs running around here.  But
they have never given  me a problem!

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