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March 21, 2011

Filling the font at 4 AM
Dear family,
I can't believe how serious things have gotten with Chris "Stringbean".  I haven't seen or heard from him for forever so it's quite shocking that suddenly he has such serious problems with his heart and at such a young age. I know he is in the Lords hands... we all know that.  He really is such a neat guy. My buds and I have had some great experiences with him!  I  know that he his here on the earth for a special reason and if the Lord is helping him out with this situation, that means the Lord has a plan for him.  So hopefully, he will start getting well  really soon and continue to grow from this. Everthing happens for a reason and he should look at the situation as "what does the Lord want me to learn from this or what does he want me to do?". I don't know... that's what i think but tell him hola from the Elder Beaner in Mexico haha.

This week was good, but it sure got busy at the end. We did a lot of baptism interviews for other elders so we were on splits and all over the place.. On Saturday I actually had 4 different comps haha so that also means that we had a good amount of baptisms. We baptized 10 as a zone which is good but we can do better. (An elder from our same time baptized 13 people on Sunday...just him and his comp! haha)  So we can do better, but this week will be harder because we didn't have very many people that came to church this week, so I think we will do some splits again haha.

 Mom, I got my card and package! Thanks so much for everything. It was funny to get so many candy and then dental stuff haha. Thanks and I'm using the whiting trays that Bry sent! They are already working, but my gums kinda hurt now, well they are just more sensitive to my toothbrush. Thanks for the Cadbury eggs too. Those are AMAZING!  All my favorites.

So while we were doing splits, we got home late and we were tired but we had a baptism on Sunday (the next day)  at 7 in the morning! The services were at 8 so he wanted to get baptized and confirmed the same day. His name is Arturo, I talked about last time. He read all the Book of Mormon and told me "I feel like it's missing more, like I need to read more!" So he started reading the index haha! Soon we'll  give him a triple combo. He is awesome and such a neat guy, plus he quit smoking in just one week after smoking for 30 years he's and going strong.  So we are happy.

We also have another cool family that is totally diggin everything we teach them. They are the Torres Mora family. We also taught with some members and a returned sister missionary that served in California. They are awesome they help so much. The daughter, Michele, heard a talk that the sister missionary gave here and now she wants to know how she can be a missionary. Cool huh?  The dad smokes but we have an awesome plan for him and they all said "We will get baptized soon!" We are happy. We hope to baptize the daughter, son and mom this weeek and then hopefully in a couple of  weeks we can baptize the dad. So happy!

We went to visit some families in Morelos today. It was cool. It really makes me want to come back after my mission and visit everyone. Which I really want to do!  It's just a matter of when and who ever wants to go is invited. Cool.

I better go. Thanks so much for writing! Sorry I couldn't  respond to each one but I loved every letter! Thanks for your prayers! i love you guys so much and I am so happy that I have the best family ever. Love you soooo much!

Senior Arturo.  He is awesome and so funny!

Dressing up the dog!

Look at his eyes!!

Visiting families in Moreelos.  It was so fun!
Elder $ean Larson

p.s. hey we also have pyramids here! haha i will try and take some pics next time. :D

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