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February 14, 2011

Guadalupe Chavez Camacho and her daughter Jatzri Marina Chavez Camacho.  
Haha i just had to say that because I just thought of  it when I saw the picture of blake that you sent me. haha  Blake.

Well, as you may  have noticed, we had another baptism this week! Whoooo!  I can't remember if I told you but we are really focusing trying to baptize every  week, because our President is really pushing us now and he knows (remember he recieves revelation) that we can baptize every week.  This area is awesome!  We have some really good members that really help us out !  Monjarraz and I really want to complete this goal.  I have noticed that I kind of teach "softly" to investigators and hope they feel my love and all.  Manjarraz likes to be more bold and talk about how they need to be baptized and how it will bless them.  So I think for these opposites we have we become a good companionship!  Oh yeah, we baptized 2 people this week!  So exciting!  Guadalupe Chavez Camacho and her daughter Jatziri Marina Chavez Camacho.  They were references from a member here and really awesome people. The member and Guadalupe have a taco stand that they started and they are always feeding us HUGE tacos. (I'd  better watch myself because boy, is there a lot of fat and stuff in those but they are sooo good.) Anyway, I was able to baptize Guadalupe and Monjarraz baptized Jatziri.   It was really neat.  I was nervous because we didnt know if they were coming to church on Sunday because they didn't come until the last hour of church. Whooo! haha But all is good now.  And...we have one person with a baptismal date this next sunday (which is stake conference too) He is the father in law of the bishop here. We hope we will also be able to baptize his mother in law too, but we will see.

Gaudalupe and Jatziri

Monjarraz got sick this week which was really weird for me because I havent had a comp who has been sick in the mission.  We were at a members house and he was resting and I decided that I was going to learn french... haha. We have a black member here in our ward who is from Haiti and he speaks fluent  French!  It is really rare to see black people here.  Jarome is really awesome and super nice,  he taught the family and me a little french. I don't understand french well because the accent is soo weird but it was fun.  Actually, the ward is trying to help Jerome get money so that his wife and child can come over here They are still in Haiti and he doesn't have the money to bring him here.  I hope they can get here! Monjarraz is good now and we are working again! :)

Hey Bry! I was thinking. I have been gone a year with out a dentist check up. I noticed that my teeth are... yellower than usual ha! (I promise I am brusing every morning and night! :) Could you send me something like whitener or something. I would love that. Put the bill on moms account!  I am sure she will be happy to take care of it ;)

Something funny this week is that I finally recieved grandma Larson's Christmas card haha. So I guess some things are really late here. But it's all good now.  Thanks grandma!

I read a little story/talk that talked about how God answers our prayers. It talked about a little daughter who was in a coma and her parents were really struggling. It's not the same situation as Steve and Melinda but it's a really cool story.   Maybe you can look on the lds web site to find it.  It's old, it's called "Adversity and Prayer" and its in the January 1974 Ensign, page 18.  Check it out. It's really good and teaches us how we need have faith in God's will and not our will.  Maybe you can share it with Steve and Melinda, but you decide.  It might be too soon...

Well.... sorry the power went out a little while ago so now I need to finish this and get out of here. Luckily google mail is  smart and automatically saved my letter. So this week should be better for us.  We have different missionaries and some of our missionaries went up to another zone.  Just like that!  And it was all done over the phone. Thanks for the pics! I love you guys so much and can't wait to see you all again. love you!  PEACE OUT!

Elder $ean Larson

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