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April 4, 2011

Elder Bylund and I in the Cathedral 

Sorry, I don't have a lot of time but I was trying to send pictures today but the computer sucks here and it's  so slow!  So I'll just send pics next week. Sorry. It stinks because I have a lot I want to share! But you´ll have to wait!  

O ya I'm  pretty sure you told me that you sold the Caliber. i just didn't remember haha. Thanks! 

Thanks for the Japan update. We heard a lot of stuff here and we found quite a lot  about it. Pretty crazy stuff. But it was cool to hear that all the missionaries there are just fine! It's crazy that random things can happen like that. but maybe we will get a huge earthquake here.

General Conference was really awesome!  but sadly... I only got to go to the Sunday sessions. :( o well. The pres wanted us to work and it was tough to not go, but then we all realized that we are here because we are missionaries and we are called to teach!  it's not our duty to assit the conference but the good thing is we went sunday. We actually were planning on bringing a bunch of people to the conference but none of them could goat the last minute. It sucked..... but we tried! We did bring 2 new people and they liked, it so that was cool.

I loved the talks! A lot of the brethren talked about family and marriage so lots of elders were saying they were getting "trunky" to go home after hahaha. It was really cool. In fact, Elder Bednar gave the same talk that he gave here in Mexico in our area conference.  It was funny. Word for word. but it was cool to hear again. (MOM remember you dated him! Man I could`ve been an apostles son... o man. But my dads a guy that tucks in his shirt!!.....) hahah jk jk! I love you dad and would never trade you! (not even for the prophet!)  It was cool to hear Benjamìn de Hoyos because he was the authority that came to our mission and talked to us. He is a really cool guy and it was weird to hear him speak in English. He did a great job. I just loved conference. I guess I  am going to have to wait for the Liahona (ensign) to come out so I can read the other talks. 

ummmm o ya! We had 2 baptisms this week!  They are the mom and daughter of the Torres Mora family.  Yadira and Michelle. Both really awesome. We were actually only going to baptize Michell (the daughter) because the mom was still not sure... but when we had the baptismal service, Yadira saw her daughter get baptized so we asked her if she wanted to get baptized and she said "Yes! " Whooo hooo! Go spirit!  The dad wanted to get baptized too but he couldn't because he is still trying to quit smoking. I am hoping we can baptize him and their other son. We just need to really focus on them.  Michelle is awesome and she is totally going to be a sister missionary!  That would be so awesome because she has really changed so much! I love this family and I hope that all will get baptized before I have to leave this area.

We didnt play soccer today because no one really wanted to. So Elder Bylund and I decided to ask permission to see if we could go to the "time square" of Mexico!  It's called Zocalo and we went today, that's why I have a lot of pics I want to share and cant. :(  It was really awesome. We went with 2 other elders and thier investigator and he showed us around. We went in the Cathedral there and saw a medical museum. It was really cool and such a beautiful place. It's really different over there than it is here, but I'll talk and share more next time.

Baptismal in Cathedral 

Zocalo! This is the famous Catholic
cathedral here. It's so pretty!

This is top of the "Templo Mayor" It's a big pyramid that broke.
They keep digging and finding more stuff!

Glass floor looking into old pyramid

Beautiful gold inside the Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Sean and the boys

Cadaver inside the Medical Museum
I better get going, but I want to tell Bry that I got a Book of Mormon in Portuguese! I totally want to see if i can learn it because I can read it and understand it. i just don't have any idea how to pronounce it haha. Hey the pics were awesome. I can't believe how big the twins are! Thats nuts! Well I love you guys and I'll talk to you again soon! Thanks soooo much!

Elder $ean Larson

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