Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 2, 2011

Fernandas baptism!

Dearest Family!
Wow it's really great to hear from all of you guys! I love this but I gotta tell the good news right now.  I have permission to use SKYPE!!!  Cool huh! So I was thinking... we could use skype or  I have a better idea. A member here who was the former bishop has a Mac and I thought you guys could give me an acount to use for the web chat on the Mac. Maybe I could use Nick's and then you guys can use Blake's or moms or Bry's... or all of them at once! hahaha. But just let me know. Plus I can do it Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. (because Mothers Day is Tuesday in Mexico) but I figure Sunday is the best so how about... like 7pm... I cant remember if you guys are an hour ahead or behind but I will go based on 7pm on Sunday unless you tell me different. I will check my email before then to find out. Cool!

Well now about the mission. So we did it! We had another baptism!  And she is really awesome. (I cant send pics right now because this computer is wierd) Her name is Maria Fernanda Torres Olvera.  I don't think I have told you but the names here in Mexico are usually 4 different names. 2 first names and then the 2 last names from there parents.  But she is really cool. She is 20 years old and when we knocked on her door she and her family invited us in. Then she started telling us how she doesn't believe in God because He doesn't answer her prayers.  We took that as a challenge. We sang and taught an awesome first lesson.  It was so filled with the spirit. They loved it and she was glued throughout the whole lesson.Then in the end the she told us "I think you guys were supposed to come here because I never answer the door!  I  don't know why I answered this time."  I know the Spirit totally guided us. The family is still taking lessons but they haven't gone to church yet, so we will figure  all that out and then hopefully baptize them too. :D   Maria loved her baptism and she told us that she felt peace and loved church. This ward is awesome! All the young single adults helped us out so much so she would feel at home.   We are really happy. 

We also have another person who is getting baptized this week on saturday.  It's the Michelle's brother, Lalo and the son of Yadira, who we baptized a little while ago. We are still helping the dad stop smoking. It looks like  we are going to complete our goal to baptize every week. it's hard work but it's really awesome how the Lord blesses us. That is why I love this mission!!  I am hoping that we will have a few more baptisms after this.

Well I gotta go. I love you all and I will talk to on Sunday!!!! Whooooo Web cam! This will sure be fun! I love you guys sooooo much! See you all soon! haha Really SEE  not just hear. haha Cool! bye! peace out!

Elder Sean Larson

P.s. Blake I haven't told you but  FELICIDADES POR LOGRAR ESTA META! La escuela esta bien dificil pero sabia yo que tu podias hacerlo.  Te amo mucho y sigue estudiando! hahah You will have to translate it. Well CONGRATS!!! Bye!!!

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