Friday, June 10, 2011

May 9, 2011

Mother's Day iChat!
Hi family...

Well it sure was great to talk to you all yesterday.  I loved how we could actually see each other, that was really cool.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone and seeing the freaking cute nieces and nephews.  It was soo cool and I am so excited for dad and his new calling and for the next nephew/niece to come!  I  think the new young single adults ward is going to be awesome.  Dad you will do so great!  Sure dad you may be old but you still act like a kid haha.  Thanks so much everyone.
Well.... I  don't know what else to tell you now, haha. I mean, sure after talking to everyone, I am thinking about home but I am not trunky!  I guess I can't avoid thinking about it a little this month because  my comp is going home. I'm excited about the new ward with dad, Bre is pregnant, my birthday is this month and just a bunch of stuff like that, but it's not bad!  I think Blake understands what I am talking about it.  I love the mission and my comp told me the other day that he was actually really nervous about going back, and it's true. I think I would be really nervous after being a missionary for 2 years. It's a weird change,  but it will be really cool.  Don't worry about writing stuff about home. I  want to know what's up and what is everyone doing. So ya feeel free to tell me. ok? ç

The family that we were with last night (my converts) well.... now the dad is the only one that needs to be baptized but he is still smoking. The bishop talked to us yesterday and he said we could baptize him if we wanted to because he feels like he would get more help after from the ward and an addiction group that is here in the stake. Sooo.... we checked with the President here and he said that is alright!  Cool! So we will finally baptize allllll the family! Whoooo hooo! I think he will get baptized this week.  It will be really neat, he really wants to get baptized. So we are excited! That means I will have been here to be able to baptize all of this family which is a really neat experience. I am really happy for this family and the decisions they have made. 
Well... there's nothing else for now.  Thanks so much and I love you guys so much! Hope everyone has fun and is happy! Love you all and miss you all!

Elder $ean Larson

Our "Mother's Day" iChat with Sean!!

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