Wednesday, March 30, 2011

February 7, 2011

Dearest Family,
Well first I want to say Thanks for the update on Sara Steve and Melinda. I can't imagine how hard these last 3 and half weeks must have been. It's hard because she had so little time here. I know, without a doubt that she is in a very happy place. Like you said mom, that is why I am here on a mission... so that others know that they can be together and be happy for ever! Steve and Melinda must have such incredible faith in the Lord. I know we never want to go through times like this, but I also know God has a plan for every one of us. We just need to trust that after these trials we will learn, grow and eventually every thing will work out. I am glad that Steve and Melinda know about God's plan and that they will once again be together and happy forever. I am glad they have the gospel, because if they didn't have would be even harder... not knowing what happens after death. I know that every trial we have, eventually becomes a blessing. They are an opportunity to learn, grow, progress spiritually and increase our faith in our heavenly father. Heavenly Father loves us and always watches over us.

Well... we had a pretty interesting day yesterday. You could say technically" we baptized someone yesterday. It was a man named J and he really should have been baptized in another ward but he has a friend in our ward, so he was attached to our ward. Missionaries from ANOTHER ward taught him. So we were working with 3 different wards. ha ha Anyway, lots of things happened but he really wanted to get baptized. He couldn't be baptized in the other two wards, so we were able to baptize him in our ward. You will notice in our picture that there are 4 missionaries. The other 2 taught him and we just baptized him! Sweet! But he is happy now and we are too. He has so much faith and quit smoking and drinking to get baptized. I just love this work! It's really hard and complicated sometimes but its great!

Yup 1 year! Wow. i cant believe it. Nothing much happened my hump day. haha The coolest thing was that i got my 1 Year package from mom right on the exact day!! haha! So that was great and mom.... Monjarraz and I thank you soooooo much for the package and candy... but our favorite thing that you sent was... the POP TARTS! haha I totally forgot about those and I was soooo happy to eat them again. Thanks mom! Just know you can send those again if you want !
One question for Bry and Blake. Did you guys use Preach My Gospel? I dont think Bry did but I'm really not sure, I would love to know.
Oh and Jon, thanks a bunch for the SWEET wrestling shirt. (i used it today to play soccer haha) and I love the ties too! Thanks dog!
So i am now rolling the parted hair look haha. The President told me to part my hair.... so i decided I will obey! And I actually kinda like it. So I don't think i will be using my hair gel thing anymore. I am going to try and send that and other stuff back home like the ipod speakers and Caitlin's sweet nativity scene she gave me. But I have no idea when.
I have some awesome news! Every 5 years an apostle visits this mission and this time we have the privilege of having 2!!!! The Apostles are coming this May 22nd and 23rd (I think) It was a birthday present from the President. Thanks President! Elder Oaks and Elder Cook are coming! whoooooo! We are really excited and really preparing ourselves, being even more obedient and stuff. I am super excited and already nervous hahaha. But it's so far away!
I forgot to tell you, we have an elder here that is from Bountiful named Elder Jones. I actually knew him before my mission, but not very well because he went to Woods cross High. but he sure remembers me. It's funny but it's cool.
I totally forgot about the Super Bowl. It's funny because football isn't really huge here. But on Sunday, it was like I was in the U.S. again! People were outside having "BBQ," having beer, wearing jerseys, with their TVs outside. haha! Sometimes I think Mexico likes to copy a lot of stuff or maybe it's just another excuse to get drunk haha! But hey... I was never big into football but I did want the Steelers to win. It was not to be! Oh well.
Well I gotta go. I hope you get my pics. I love you guys so much and I'll see you all soon! (less than one year!!!! haha) I freaking love my family and can't wait to come home... one day, but I've got lots of work to do first!!! Love you.

Elder $ean Larson

p.s. mom I didn't burn a shirt, but I love the pics you sent. You guys are crazy! haha

Elder Fadel and Elder Larson....1 year!

Burning their shirt!

Leaders in our zone...DL's and ZL's
Me and my thugs...they are really calm, but HUGE!

Juan's baptism
Monjarraz and I just having fun

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