Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 13, 2011

Pictures we sent Sean

Nick and Dad loving life!

Dear Fam,
WOW! Those sailing pics are amazing! That is sooo cool and it makes me want to go sailing again. I totally forgot about that until now. Really there aren't lakes here or anything and if there is water.... it's really drity and poopy water. (and I'm not kidding about the poopy part! haha) That's really cool and I am glad that you guys  could go.
Mom I got the package! Thanks sooo much. I loved it all. Sadly we tried using the frizbee to play ultimate frisbee and it broke.... haha. Sorry mom, but I thought you were going to send the  frisbee like we have at's bigger and stronger. (Nick knows which one) Maybe you can send it later because they don't sell those kind here...well at least I haven't found one. The water toys are super awesome...of course we can't swim but we tried them out in a thing we wash dishes in and  it was SWEET! haha We were loving it. It made think of going to  Bob and BJ's pool and playing basketball with  all of them haha!  Thanks mom they are really cool toys.  And thanks for the poptarts, peachie-os,  propel,  tide and the ring! It was all so great. Especially the "Wii-ner" dog card haha!  That was hillarious! So thanks once again for all the birthday stuff. Next year... i will be home! (wierd)
  Mom.... I knowIi said I am done with this ... but do you think you can get...2 more rings. REALLY I can pay for one and the the other person pay for the other. Just use my bank account or something.  I know how much money you have spent on the rings and sending  packages, so please just tell me how much they are or I will  please!  If you can check and see if they have the same ring in a size 10 and a size 9 1/2. Sorry mom. If you can't that's fine, they understand. One is for Briones and the other is for a member that already has a ring but his son is going on a mission and he wants to give him it. Just let me know. Thanks!
Well this week was better. We have some good people that are progressing. We thought we might be able  to baptize one this week but we didn't.... I think we bugged her too much and I don't know if she wants anything  to do with us now... :( We still have some other great people we are teaching this week. One is Abril.  Sheis a 18 year old girl that we've been teaching.  We  put a goal down for her , hopefully that will happen. We also have another guy that is a singer and sings in a family restaurant. He is really nice. Really a cool guy and he's been super excited to go to church and he  loves to hear us sing hymns haha! Actually he says that we sing well!! That's really weird!  I really love the hymns in Spanish. They are fun and they bring the spirit to the lesson so fast.  So he might get baptized this week too. We will see..... but this other family of 4 we found they were so ready to get baptized  this week but... they aren't married!! (that's really common here in Mexico) The man isn't divorced from his other relationship and he also has some other legal problems to take care of so we will see what happens.  But we were  sad that they won't be able to get baptized this week. They come to church and they come all by themselves.  So... its tough, but the Lord will bless them, I know that If they want to get baptized, He will help them get baptized.
So thats what's happening here. Sorry I sucked at taking pictures this week. I will do better next week but I got nothing to send. Thanks for everything and I love you all soooooo freaking much!  You all are the best. BEST FAMILY EVER!  Love you all!
Elder Sean Larson

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