Friday, June 24, 2011

June 20, 2011

Me by the pyramid in our area

This is going to be very short... I don't have much time, but I loved the pictures.  Thanks for the update on Brad. I can't believe how good he looks.  He is tough and he really is fighting hard!  I will continue to keep him in my prayers!! I know the Lord is watching out for him!

We haven't baptized this week but we are working hard. We just need to find out what we are doing wrong. I dunno... it's tough!  But don't worry, we will continue to work hard and we hope we will be able to baptize this week.  We might be able to baptize  3 people...but we will see.

The singing guy, Dagoberto, is loving everything so I am hoping he might want to get baptized this week. Abril is pretty scared to get baptized because her whole family is Catholic and she is scared  of how they will react. But  she knows that she needs and wants to do it, so we will see.

In the meantime, my awesome comp Briones is teaching me some piano. Really, I have been thinking about playing an instrument after the mission and I was thinking guitar or piano...but i think i will go with piano. I want to learn something so I really want  to try that out. What do you think?  Well, that is what is happening here. I will have a better letter next time. 

OK! Thanks soooo much for everything! I love you guys soooo much and sorry this is a short letter but FELIZ DIA DE PADRE! BRY AND NICK AND DAD! You guys are awesome. Sorry I can't call you all for Father's day...that would be awesome! haha but I will write you all soon!

Elder $ean Larson

Small pyramid in our area
Me and the Elders just messing around
Catholic Church by the's really cool! 

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