Friday, June 10, 2011

May 16, 2011

Helping out our mission leader here with the "tacos del pastor".
He is really awesome and sells tacos in the street

Dear family,

Well... uh..... really I don't know what to talk about haha. No there are a few things to talk about but  this was really kind of a  slow week.  Sadly, we weren't able baptize this week. It stinks because our goal set by the President is  to baptize every week this month but oh well.... But we should be able to baptize Torres Mora's dad  next week.  We had a cool lesson witht the Family and dad. He is the one that is trying to quit smoking and we got permission to baptize him next week from the President.  So he  set the date for Sunday.  He is making some new goals so he can drop smoking, but it sure is hard for him and the family.  It's tough too beause the family tries to help but he gets mad when they try to tell him to stop.  But we have a lot of faith that he can do it and the members here are really helping us out a lot.  
We may also be able to baptize another young woman that is really interested in everything we are teaching. I think we will invite her to be baptized this week.  She is awesome!! Her name is Karen Ponce.   It was real random, but one day she told us that she wanted to listen to us... so we taught her!  We teach her outside where she sells bread and stuff. It's really cool. She gets really excited and she really understands the truthfulness of what we are teaching.  So we will see with what happens with her.  There is also a chance that we will be able to baptize a  young man named Oliver. He is  the nephew of Fernanda who we baptized about a few weeks ago.  

Unfortunately the zone is off too. I dont know why, but we thought we were going to be able baptize 10 investigators this week.  Instead, we only baptized 2 people in the whole zone. (and that is bad for Mexico) but we will do better.  I am going to try and be more obedient and focus on what the Elders need in the this zone and what I can do to help them out. 

The good news is that..... ELDER OAKS IS COMING! Yup, this week is the big week. This Wednesday he will come just to talk to us in this mission.  We are going to fast to get ready because we are giong to learn a lot!!  We are so excited!! I will let you know how it goes. I am sure it will be amazing! :D

The other good news is, ITS BRY'S BDAY THIS WEEK! haha Man he is sooooooooo old. haha.  But I am really proud of him. Bry, I am sending your letter tomorrow. Sorry it won't get there on time, but I hope you like it. I am so happy for you and Bre and your new bambino and I hope its a fun birthday this year! :D

That's it. I don't know what else  to tell you.  Sorry I don't have any new pics this week. I will get some more though... that is for sure. (maybe with Elder Oaks!)  I love you all sooooo much and can't wait to to talk to you all again. (at christmas!! ha ha)  Thanks! Peace Out!

Elder $. Larson

 Lalos baptism with his family (without dad)

 Baptism of Jesus Delgado

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