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May 23, 2011

Eduardo's baptism!

Hello! My Dear Phamyly,
So this is the last week of the transfer and Elder Aguilar is going home! I am pretty  sure I am going to stay here another transfer and I am totally fine with that!  I love this ward, but we definitley need to find more new people to teach and BAPTIZE!  We are kinda running out I guess you could say.  So we are going to look for some "newbies" this week.
We had 2 baptisms this week!!  Whoo hooo! Eduardo Torres got baptized! He is the dad of the Torres Mora family. He is still smoking some but I am pretty sure he will do better because now he feels more committed. We are going to check up on them tomorrow. But now we baptized alll the family! Whoo hoo! Now they can put the temple as their next goal. They are such a cool family! I am sure they will grow strong in the church.  I know they have challenges but the church and this ward will really help them out!
The other baptism was Oliver Olvera. He is the nephew of the Fernanda Olvera who we baptized a little while ago. So this is the other family we are focusing on trying to complete.  The mom already wants to get baptized but she can't go to church because she works every Sunday and she can't quit her job because she is the one supporting all the family.  It's hard here in Mexico to find another job when you are older and there are SO many people wanting to work at  the same thing. We are going to talk with the bishop about that.
The conference with Elder Oaks was really cool! He is such an amazing man! He and his wife talked to us. (did you know he got remarried?) It was pretty short cuz he is doing so many other conferences here. By the way he doesn't speak Spanish so he had a translator.  It was way cool. He talks so powerfully but he is really funny too.  I am glad that the apostles of Christ aren't always sooo serious haha. He really talked about some cool things. I could tell you all about what he said most of it were things that we have heard before....." repetition is the best teacher!!! " (Brother Steele Larson haha.) He talked about how we are all insturments (he used a pen as an example)  in the Lords hands and we are to function correctly and be ready to work 24 7 (even on pday)  He told us we should write the Lords message and not another (like talking about other worldly things like sports and stuff) It was great and I learned a lot of personal things.  This time I really focused on how I felt and the thoughts I had.   Things that would just come  into mind even if he wasn't talking about that subject. I realized how I could help myself and my zone here. It was really a cool experience. I love my  mission and ALL of my leaders in the church. From an apostle... to a counselor in a YSA ward :) haha!!!  I love it all.  And it makes me  much more excited to receive future callings and be able help the people I love!  Plus, I  got to shake Elder Oaks hand... and he said he liked my Mexico pin! (the one that mom sent me) hahaha. I know that isnt much, but man...It was an apostle.....  I absolutely loved it. He is such a wonderful man.
I will let you know what happens this week and I will send pics the next time. I hope everyone is doing great!  I love you all! Oh and thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday! love you all!
Elder $ean Larson

Conference with Elder Oakes

Fellow missionaries and Elder Bylund

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