Tuesday, December 27, 2011

November 14, 2011

Dearest family ever,
Today were the transfers for the mission and it looks like i am..... going to train again!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am soooo excited.  A lot of our generation is going to train and we are all super happy!  That probably means that I will stay here in Santa Monica till my release!  Which is fine with me! I know it is a hard area but i know that we  will just continue to see more miracles and learn a lot more from my new comp.  O ya,  I still dont know who is my comp. Right now I am with Elder Wagstaff (my old comp that I love)  and then we will be going back up to the offices tomorrow to pick up our kids. I do know that my comp is a new Mexican missionary that is waiting for his visa to go to Argentina.  So we arent too sure how long he will be with me. But I am thinking he will be with me till February.  Well, almost sure. haha  But I am super excited! When someone trains or gets called to a leadership position in the mission, the mission president always calls to personally let us know so when the president called me on Saturday I was so  excited.  I knew immediately that he was going to tell me that I was going to train! He also told me that he was really happy with the work we have done here that he wants me to stay!  So I am super happy and this just means that i have to work EVEN HARDER!  This whole zone is a zone of miracles. It is sooo cool!  I think that is why I am happy to be here again.  It is crazy because when you train, you know you will be there for at least 2 transfers... so i can now see my future.... MY LAST 2 CHANGES! It really is sooooo weird and so scary. i dont know what to think.  But i know i will learn alot!
I learned so much from Elder Pacheco. He taught me how to really love people and how to teach them so they can feel the spirit.  (I just tell them "get baptized!" haha jk!!!)  But he really did help me  to be more humble.  It was a great time with him and now I have a friend by Cancun!  He was sent to Toluca which is a really cool place and... really really cold now. He will do good! I cant wait to hear the success he has there. 
By the way.... are you guys still thinking about going to mexico for a family trip? haha Just wondering. It sort of stinks to know the date I will be going home! I am just going to cry!  i am really going to miss this mission!! and then I will probably cry some more when i see you guys haha.  I am going to make the most of my time here and work to the end...all the way to the airport I will be teaching and preaching!
We had a lesson with our convert Gabriel the other day and it was sooooo cool!  He said he wanted to come with us to teach someone. We weren't really sure what he would say so we practiced it once with him and he nailed it!  He gave the coolest testimony and then he invited the investigator to work on some things! He is sooo cool! That is when you really start seeing success in the mission... when you feel the spirit as your convert shares his testimony.  its the BEST! I love that family and cant wait to see what other blessing they receive!
I better go now.  I think i will be buying a suit here i am just going to check how much they are?  My suit has gotten pretty beat up haha. I love you guys sooooo much and i love your emails!  Blake I got your bday letter.  i am sending it tomorrow and mom I am now starting yours!  Sorry, if it gets to you late! I love you all and can't wait to see what miracles we will have!  Thanks!
Elder Sean Larson
p.s. ok I really have been wondering, but answer me honestly.... is our little dog dead? I would rather know now than come home and find out. Please don't worry.... i just want to know.

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