Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 12, 2011

Dear Family!
Well... i am going to start off with the Christmas call...I mean chat! haha Well, let's do it on christmas then. We have our services for one hour from 10 to 11 (i think that is 9 to 10 your time) then.... I hope that we will have a baptism after so maybe we won't finish until 12ish (11ish your time) I will plan on calling right after that hopefully. So plan getting online like at 11 or 11 30 your time. Hopefully, it will work out. If I can't use the video, I will call the house from here and then you guys can call me back me back on that same number. ok? I hope i make sense. That way I can talk to Blake before he has to go! cool!
Well, I guess some of you heard about the earthquake here in Mexico.  Good news is.. I AM ALIVE! haha  It was quite far away where the epicenter happened. But... never the less, I still felt it. It was kinda weird because that was the first time i have actually felt an earthquake.  It lasted quite a long while.  It shook the walls a little and the lights.  Basically everything was kinda waving around... not big and I wasn't scared but you could feel it for sure. So nothing happened here! but it must have been a descent size earthquake to get all the way here. But all is well!
 Remember I told you about the guy we are teaching, well he is progressing, but we will see... he is not too sure about baptism but he is thinking about it. He still hasn't gone to church, so after he goes he will get a better idea of what it is like and how he feels about it.  Hopefully that will get him excited. We are hoping that he goes to church with us this Sunday.  He is really cool, but it will be really hard if he does decide to be baptized because he will need to change some things. But it would be cool! 
We weren't able to baptize anyone this week, but we have someone with a baptismal date for this Sunday.  She is the grandma of another investigator and she just LOVES church.  We put down a date for this week. She just needs to get her interview and thats it!  Hopefully we will baptize her granddaughter too because she loves the gospel too.  She is working on some things,  but we hope that we can baptize them both this week . We are praying and fasting for them! 
Well I really don't have a whole lot more to write. I am so grateful for all the letters you guys send!  I love them and of course, I read every single one... but  I don't have a lot of time to respond to them. I'm so sorry!!  I love all of you sooooo much! I cant wait to SEE you again on Christmas!  It sure will be a special one!  THANKS SOOOO MUCH!
Elder Sean Larson
p.s. Mom, did you get your letter from me?

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