Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 5, 2011

We ran into one of our recent converts Arturo...he is such a great guy!

Dear family!

Wow! Thanks for the update and pictures of the wind storm.  I can't believe what happened in bountiful! I didnt think winds like that happen there!  That was really crazy to see all the damage that happened. I have never seen any thing like that .  It's so cool how all of Bountiful pitched in to help out! Awesome!  I can't really imagine it. Dad, you can count on me helping you witht the fence when i get home!   I have to admit,  I was soooooo worried for the Christmas train. What a mess it would be if we lost it..... that is the Larson family treasure! ( Aren't you famous for that haha. ) It's good to hear that all you guys are fine!  Another sad thing i noticed in the pics is that.... there isn't any snow on the ground! NOOOOO!  haha.  I know sometimes it is like that, but there had better be snow when I get home or even better... it should be snowing! Thanks for the update and the pictures.  I am glad everyone is alright.

Well we had a really cool week this last week.  We had a Mission Conference with the President Johnson who is a 70 and the area Pres. in Mexico.  It was really neat! It was cool how he taught us... he basically took an hour just asking us questions about some scriptures we read about the doctirine of Christ.  He would simply respond and the ask another question according to what we asked. It was really cool because  the spirit was teaching us more than just him teaching us.  He made us think and ponder about a lot of things and he taught us some new things that we can do and apply in the mission. So i am really excited to apply everything he taught us.  It is weird but i just completed 22 months in the mission and that means I only have 2 months left.   I am excited to apply everything I have learned from these last 22 months and all the new things that Pres. Johnson taught us.  I am super scared  to come home but  I am just going to continue to work hard...and then Feb. 8th is when I will worry about that. But i realize that the Lord expects a lot from us.  After the mission i will continue working hard and serving  in the church  because I love it and I know it is what the Lord wants us to do. 
Umm...before i forget. We are able to use skype or google video for our Christmas call.  I can do it either the 24th or 25th.  I know that Blake has to work Sunday so i am trying to figure it out what we can do. I know that our ward here is only going to have the sacrament service and I am pretty sure it will be in the morning. I am also hoping that we will have a baptism that day... and then I will truly have a white Christmas ! So the call would be after the services and then i think we can  skyp for an hour.  We will eat after that.  Just tell me what ever you guys think...  if it's on the 24th,  I am pretty sure i can call at night or in the afternoon. But you guys tell me what ever you can do and I will do it one of those 2 days.  ok!? 

We are working hard and teaching, but it is a tough area!  We are working with one young man, but he has a lot of questions and concerns. There are things in his life that he doesn't know if he can change.  So we will see what happens there. We are still looking for a special family like the family Mondragon Family. I just want to have an amaizing month in December!  We will keep on working, praying and looking!

Thanks soooo much for writting me! I cant wait to talk to you and SEE you on Christmas! Let me know how things follow up after this great wind mess. THANKS AND I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!  


Elder $ean Larson

This is Luis...he is amazing

Luis with Sergio and Gina...they are so cool

It's Sergio's birthday

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