Tuesday, December 27, 2011

November 21, 200

My old zone

Dearest Family,
This week went by really quick actually! I cant believe the success we were blessed to have this last week. It was pretty cool. We weren't able to baptize but we really taught a lot of lessons and contacted a lot of people.... and we are going for more!  We have been having some cool lessons. The people that went to church the last week are going great and we invited them all to be baptized....and they all accepted! Really, some of them asked some of the coolest questions like "If i were to get baptized tomorrow, what do i need to do?" and then we asked the young girl that is 17, if she had any questions and she said "Ya.... how can I join the church?" haha! cool! Those are the coolest questions ever!  We are excited to see what happens this week.  Of course, it is not without it's challenges... we have to help some on our investigators stop smoking or to get married!  But  I  am hoping we will have one baptism this week.  We are teaching a man and he just loves church! He even  came to church with a suit on!  I dont think I told you guys but we have a Seventy  in our ward and he taught the class the sunday when our investigator was there.  He kept on saying "You, brother already look like a member! What are you wating for!?" haha!  He is awesome, but we rarely see him because he travels a lot.  He was a mission president before, so he knows what its like!! .
Well Blake, Happy Birthday! You should get your letter soon! I hope you will share your toys with me when i get home!! :D
About the christmas package... I dont know really know what to tell you to send.   i mean, i will be home in just a little bit. Maybe  some vanilla Waffers and Easy mac would be great! and  of course....STARBURST! haha. Thanks
I better go. I love you guys sooo much and thanks for writting me! HAVE FUN!
Elder Sean Larson
 With Elder Pacheco... saying goodbye

Elder Pacheco

My new companion, Elder Salcedo

Sister Dzib

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