Tuesday, December 27, 2011

November 28, 2011

Thanks for the pics!  Whoa! I don't know why... but it is weird to see Greg at home haha. But I am soo happy for him.  He is such a great friend and a great example to me.   I can't wait to see him too!  Man!  Home is going to be different I think, but in a good way.  Just with a new vision i guess.
Soooooo.... WE had a baptism!  Luis Angel was baptized yesterday and it was really neat.  So we are so happy for him. He loves studying! He studies with just the Book of Mormon and the index in the back.  When he found out that we have 2 other books and he really wanted them, so we bought  a triple for him. I know he will be  excited to see that. We are so happy! Missionaries always say that December is the hardest month because everyone goes out of town and stuff, but we are going to change that now!  The mission doesn't want to be tricked out by that.  It is Satan that is saying that. So instead, we are going to see lots of miracles!
IT GOT SOOOO COLD! I really thought of Utah yesterday. It just got cold, but no snow. Good thing I bought that coat!  Hey, cool fact about my area.  There is an old mansion here called "Ex hacienda de Santa Monica" and  they filmed part of Zorro there and Phantom! cool huh! 
I am also learning about some different religions here, like the muslims, which are really interesting and I certainly respect them a lot more.   i also have learned a little about another religion called "Kabala",  They only believe in the old testiement and they believe that Christ.  We are teaching one this week so... we will see how that goes. 
We have been helping a lot of people here recently....service. I love service...even though we don't teach, we've been able to  help peoplemove furniture and stuff.   It's really great to serve and it definitely makes you feel good .  I  know that  it can be more important than teaching a lesson, so it is cool. There was also a couple that didn't have anything to eat because they both lost their jobs. We usually aren't suppose to do this, but we decided to buy them some food that they really needed.  It was really really cool.  I love helping others and I am hoping when I get home, that I can find a  job that serves others because it is the BEST and most satisfying thing. 
I gotta go! I love the mission! i love all of you! 
Elder S Larson

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