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November 7, 2011

Pyramid at Templo Mayor


 Wow! sorry I just realized it took a long time to send those pictures so now I will try and update you with everything.  Not a whole lot has happened this week.  We realized that we weren't going to be able to baptize this week so we focused  on inviting people to church.  It was nuts. This whole week we couldn't get anybody to say "si" (yes) to go to church. It was tough.  Then finally on Saturday we found 3 people to go!  Whoooo! Thank you Lord!  It was cool.

We went to the city center again (that is all the pictures i just sent.)  We decided to go the museum because it is usually closed. It was super cool! I love the history here in Mexico. I have a lot more pictures  but I cant send everything. It was  neat to see all the ancient stuff. It makes me want to know more about Mexico and the history here!  (by the way are we still planning on going to Mexico!!!! haha)

Mom, I got the package. Thank you sooooo much. The missionaries here say thanks for the rings!  I really  love you. You do so much for me and others! AND I LOVE THE VANILLA WAFERS! They are soooooooo good. :D So thanks!

DAD! There is a member here in the stake that OWNS a suit factory and he can get me a suit for a great price! I was thinking... should I buy one here and bring it home? How much is a good suit or what is a good price?  He didn't give me a price but he said... "barato" or cheap haha. Please let me know.
So.. I have now decided that it is legal to listen to Christmas music NOW! We're past Halloween so it's time.  So I'm rocking the Mo tab Christmas now. 

I loved the pic of Charles!  I can't believe how the family is growing..... I do think he looks different than Steele but I am sure he will be just as handsome.  (That's kinda weird.. that a Larson boy looks handsome haha)  And I couldnt believe the pic of Tess trick or treating!  Wow! She seems really big now.  It was also weird to see  SNOW! I really hope it's just storming with white snow when I get back! I really want a lot! I am sure it will happen!

Well I gotta go! Transfers are next week and I am not sure what will happen. There is a small chance that I will train again, but unlikely because there are only 5 new missionaries and there are a lot of missionaries from my generation that haven't trained yet. So we will see.  But I will sure miss Pacheco. I'm pretty sure we will get separated but  i know he will be great in the mission. I  hope I was able to teach him what he needs to know...and that  he will become a "new and improved mini Larson" haha!  Thanks for everything!  I love you all sooooo much!

Love Elder $ean Larson

These are the remains of the pyramid

Cool engravings on the rocks

Me with a bunch of skulls

Knives they used for sacrifices

Model of the pyramid

Me with some statues

This is the cool rock that the myth (below) is about.

HUGE carved rock...I took this from the 3rd floor

Main street in town on Day of the Dead
Myth about a cool rock here

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