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Dec 27, 2010

Christmas in Culturas

Wow, its seems so weird that just a little while i talked to you guys on the phone.  That time went by so fast . but thats ok. i realize im not home sick like i used to be. well we do think more about home in times like these but really its going good!! missionary life is just normal to me now. and truthfully, it's going to be so weird to go back home to "normal life". not getting up at 6 and playing video games and stuff like that.... it really is going to be so weird.
  I forgot to tell you, I didn't open up my christmas cards until after I called you and I just want to tell you how thankful I am for you guys doing that. That really was soooo great! I loved them all. It really brought the spirit to me and reinforced to me how important these times are to remember Jesus Christ.  I realize how important it is that i am here to share his message with everyone. You all gave me such a boost and I loved it!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your stories and your experiences and especially your testimonies!  I love my family so much and im pretty darn sure no one has a better family than us. :)

So i told you we hoped we had a baptism coming up and yup we were able baptize her! whooooo! This is the first one here in Culturas.  I sent a few pics from here and Consuelos baptism.  She is really great. She is older and when she walks  she gets tired pretty fast so i was a little worried she wouldnt be able to last through church and then her baptism but the Lord gave her strength and she did it!  My comp baptized her but I was there to help her go under and to get out of the water.  It was a little tricky, but everything went so well. We were worried because she told us that she wasnt sure if she would be able  be here for her baptism because she was going to visist her sister.  So we explained the importance of her baptism and all that it would bring to her life and then asked her to think about it. Then just before we left, she told us "well....i thought about it. i think i should get baptized!" whooo. We felt so blessed that she could make the choice.  She will be confirmed next week. 

Before i forget... this church (our building) is really really super nice! I have to admit that it is prettier than a lot of our chruches in utah. haha I will take a picture sometime because it really is beautiful. It's also the stake center here.  Oh, our bishop is really awesome!  He is the best one I have had yet, and great to work with, so that is sooooo much better!

Now it is back to work like normal!! That's good!   I think we will do something as a zone for new years but who knows. I think we get to break some piñatas, cool... but we´will find out.  We will definitely  have to come home early again and i am pretty sure the drunks will be singing again. I dont remember if i told you, but on Christmas Eve there were drunks right outside our house BLASTING music and singing sooooooooooooooo loud  alllllll night looooooooooooooong. It sucked!  but that's ok.... i just hope it doesn't happen again for New Years. haha.  
I am suppose to write another acceptance letter to you guys and the first presidency for the mission again.  A Seventy serving here asked us to do it, so I  will do that next week. So i wont have  much to write next week!
I am going to head out and get my hair cut. I love you guys sooooo much! I loved talking to you all and loved just hearing your voices.  (especially when steele said my name!!!!! WHOOOO GO STEELE! Tessa.....you better say my name by next year haha.) I love you all and I cant wait to see you all again.... one day....but first i have a mission to complete!!!  I know this churchis true!!  It's awesome! See you all later!
Christmas Village..Mexico Style
Before cleaning...

Playing games with the Zone
Elder Manjarraz
Fixing Breakfast
Manjarraz and Sean
Consuelos, out 1st baptism in Cultuas

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