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January 31, 2011

Sean's zone

Tamara, her mom and sisiter. 

Tamara and her friend. 
Studying before conference!

Dearest Family ever,
Wow. In 3 more days.... I will have been here on my mission for a full year. No way! That seems soo weird to me. I have to say that it has gone by both really slow and really fast. Sometimes the days and weeks seem so long, but then transfers go by soooo fast!  It's really weird. I totally remember the first day in the MTC (and I dont want to go back either mom hahaha) I remember Bryan telling me at Olive Garden, that my first day in the MTC will be the hardest day of your mission... and yes.... it was haha. But I am so happy now! I am happy I made this decision to serve a mission.  Sure it is tough, but it's supposed to be tough. There was a really great talk that Elder Holland gave to some missionaries... but reall bold too. (like Elder Holland should be haha) Some missionaries asked him, "Why is the work so hard?" "Why dont people accept this great gift and message?" "Why" and Elder Holland said, (this isnt exact quote but he said something like) "Truthfully, I don't know why the people don't accept the message, but I do know that it was not easy for Christ either.  He worked miracles, taught us, was persecuted, he suffered soooo much and still gave his life for us.  He died and payed for all of our sins and still many people did not accept him.  I dont think that was easy for him just as I don't think its easy for the investigators to accept our message."  (Something like that.)  It was really bold and spiritual and really showed that the Lords work isn't easy. BUT ITS WORTH IT.  I have learned so much in this past year, much more than just some Spanish!  I love this mission and I know I can do better.  I want to make this next year even better because I just have 2 years.  2 years seems like so much at first but once your on your mission... it's so little! I love this work! I plan to be a "missionary" when I get back and invite others to come to Christ because it's our responsibility.  I am proud of the thingsthat I have accomplished but there is so much more to accomplish. Thank you soooo much for your support, prayers, thoughts, testimonies, letters, packages :) love and soooooo much more. You have all helped me so much in my mission and in this past year. :D
This week was good. We didn't teach a whole lot but we did have some success.  That's right.... another baptism! Whoo! Her name is Tamara. She is a friend of a ward member that She comes to mutual and she wanted to listen to our message.  So we taught her and she told us that she wanted to get baptized in the "future" (which was last sunday) She is really great and now we are going to teach her mom and sister!  Hopefully, they will follow her example and be baptized too.  This is just another example of how much the ward members help in the work of the Lord.  They are key!  It's rare when someone finds those golden people that are ready to be baptized. But that can happen too. Actually, we think we have found some really great people that will get baptized in the next 2 weeks...hopefully.  But we are happy and we are working hard. 

Dad, you know how you always tell me your funny prayer experiences like with the sprinklers and all. (which by the way I use every once in a while :) ) Well, I found a scripture that  talks about how we can always pray to God for ANYTHING.  It's in 1 Nephi 15: 8-11.  Hopefully you get what I mean.  Thanks dad.

Today we played soccer in a really cool field and my shoes are dead (Sorry Blake, they are your Pumas! haha but thanks. :) ) So today I took out like 60 dollars or something to buy some cool shoes. they are nikes. I bet Chels would appreciate that. I think she used Nike for all her running stuff. So don't worry if you get a call from the bank.  I use my card every monday because we go to Burger King. It's close, so we are taking advantage of it! But sadly it's more expensive here.  I am considering my shoes as my Christmas present from you all! Thanks guys! haha

Wow, I read the newsletter from the ward and read the article about Jared and Ryan S. Holy cow! Jared is translating stuff ! That's nuts! I would feel really pressured if I had to translate something in Spanish. That's really cool! I am so glad for him and his hard work. He just has an unbreakable spirit and testimony of the work. And wow...Ryan started out the mission so awesome!  I read all the numbers he had in his " power week!" That's nuts!  If you can believe it, that beats our numbers here in Mexico, and you would think we would have more. Thats so great. Thats just what a new elder needs. Get into the work running... and fast! haha So I am pretty sure we can work a little bit harder here. :) I cant wait to read the newsletter from my buddies now to see how everyone is doing.  Tell Jared "Felicidades mi didder.  Ya hemos cumplido un año en la mision!  Vamos a tener mucho mas exito este año. Sale? Te amo mi amigo fiel!" ( if you could send that to tammy to send to him that would be great.) I love my friends and their examples.  I can't wait to be back in our basement talking about the missions, spiritual things and then... some rock band. hahaha and  popcorn too. 

Well, I gotta go. I just love you all!  Thanks for the update on Sara. I really can't imagine how hard it is for them.  but they have such strong faith in the Lord.  I will continue to pray for them.  I know that the Lord has a plan for all of us so that we can all be happy as a family.  and they have already found that out.  I am soo happy!!  I wish you all the best and hope that you recieve many wonderful blessings this week!  I love you all! Bye!

Elder $ean Larson

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